The Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone offered with your 100 GB plan

Not only that. The operator is also offering a new price on its 5G 130 GB plan.

Cdiscount Mobile: your free smartphone with your mobile plan

Cdiscount Mobile regularly offers new solutions, even with packages with or without commitment. Its flagship offerings have only evolved.

They are based on the 100 GB package, one of the emblematic offers of the operator. By subscribing to this subscription with a 24-month commitment, your new smartphone will be cheaper. In some cases, it will even be free.

This is the case of two smartphones from the Samsung brand:

  • The new Samsung Galaxy S9 is free in 32 GB format. In this case, your 100 GB plan is €17.99/month and includes 19 GB of data that can be used abroad.
  • Refurbished Samsung Galaxy A04S (very good condition) free in 64 GB format. Your subscription costs €16.99/month and brings you 17 GB of available data for your trips abroad.

Other plans will remain available on new and refurbished smartphones. So you can still find these cheap smartphones with 100 GB packages:

  • Refurbished Samsung S10 (very good condition) for only €9.99 and 23 GB of data.
  • The new Samsung A33 for only €9.99 and 23 GB of mobile data for EU and DROM.
  • Refurbished iPhone XR (perfect condition) for €9.99 and 23 GB of data.
  • Refurbished iPhone 11 (very good condition) for €99.99 and 28 GB of mobile data.
  • The new Oppo A16S is free and comes with 17 GB of data.

Non-binding packages: make way for 5G with the 130 GB package

Prefer to keep your freedom to switch operators at any time? Cdiscount also has non-binding packages capable of meeting more or less important needs.

Its most interesting offer so far is its 130 GB package, a mobile subscription compatible with the new 5G. For just €18.99/month, it will bring you faster speeds and give you access to new features. Its large mobile envelope, which also has 25 GB of mobile data for foreign countries, will allow you to browse anywhere without limits.

For more modest needs, Cdiscount still makes its 3 other formulas available:

  • The 50 GB package at €9.99/month with 9 GB for foreign countries.
  • The 100 GB package at €10.99/month with 13 GB for EU and DROMs.
  • The 120 GB package at €13.99/month with 13 GB for EU and DROMs.

With or without commitment, all Cdiscount Mobile packages include unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. They will allow you to communicate without hindrance with all your loved ones. The operator also has other advantages.

Speed, reliability: the other advantages of Cdiscount Mobile plans

The brand’s mobile solutions are based on Bouygues Telecom’s 4G network, one of the most developed in France. This guarantees an excellent quality of service, wherever you are in France.

Cdiscount Mobile also makes subscribing easy. You will only need to register and provide an identity document and an IBAN. Then you don’t have to do anything. The operator takes care of your transfer within 48 hours, and your SIM card will be sent to you automatically within another 48 hours.

Once received, all you need to do is install it on your phone. When you subscribe, you can request to activate your SIM on a date of your choice. All you have to do is wait for D-Day and you are ready to surf the Internet.

With its Box offers, Cdiscount Mobile not only aims to browse from your smartphone, but also all the other devices in your home. With a Fibre/ADSL offer starting at €15.99/month, you can enjoy the best possible speed for your computer, tablet or even your connected TV. Check the operator’s offers regularly: new discounts are regularly posted online.

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