Samsung Galaxy A23 5G test: our opinion

The series of Galaxy A welcomes a newcomer: the A23 5G. It is, logically, both in terms of price and specifications, above the A04 (179 €), the A13 (199 €) and the A13 5G (229 €). And, obviously, below the A33 5G (379 €) and the A53 5G (429 €), this last model is one of the most popular of the Korean brand.

In the middle between the cheapest smartphones, and its A53 5G, Samsung has precisely positioned the A23 5G, its new version, at a median price: €299 (€319 at launch). It even dropped to €250 on sale. Is this price reasonable for this device that sits at the crossroads of the brand’s entry and mid-range? We will check it.

Design, lower Samsung quality

It is not easy to notice at first glance the slight difference between the Samsung A23 5G and other smartphones in the same range. And for good reason: it’s tight the same design chosen to dress it up. There is no revolution in form with an all-plastic back and strapping. However, it is still of good quality. In its matte black version (it’s also available in white and light blue), there are no fingerprints covering the battery side of the smartphone. Its very clean finishes are a very good point. Just wrong at this point: no water or dust proof certificationhence the importance of properly protecting the device.

Especially from the image module, slightly obvious, but well integrated, will know how to forget once trapped in a shell. Attention, it is not supplied with the smartphone, but the investment is highly recommended! It contains 3 main image sensors of the device, positioned vertically in a row of onions, as well as, next to them, the flash and the macro sensor.

With dimensions of 16.54 in height, 7.69 cm in width and a thickness of 0.84 cm, the Samsung A23 5G is a beautiful baby which are also houses a beautiful screen that covers 94% of the surface of the front of the device. It also weighs 197 grams. A certain weight is far from being a nuisance because it gives the impression that it cannot accidentally escape our hands.

The Samsung A23 5G hosts the traditional volume button on its right side, the unlock/ignition button that also doubles as a fingerprint sensor. The latter offers excellent responsiveness. Finally, its single speaker, a USB-C port and a 3.5 mm mini-jack port are positioned on the bottom edge of the smartphone.

On the connectivity side, 5G network compatibility is a given (as long as you have the appropriate mobile plan). Samsung A23 5G allows, among other things, to use Samsung Pay, the mobile payment service of the Korean brand, thanks to its NFC chip. And it can be linked specifically to headphones or speakers thanks to its Bluetooth 5.1 compatibility.

A good screen, but no AMOLED

At this price, it’s impossible to find an Amoled or Super Amoled screen on the Samsung A23 5G because Samsung knows how to do it well. However, the one that provides the A23 5G doing the job. At 16.72 cm wide (6.6″) taking into account its rounded edges (a waterdrop selfie sensor is required), it is a large screen that offers great reading comfort.

The LCD panel offers Full HD+ definition (1080 x 2408 pixels). By default, the frame refresh rate is 120 Hz to provide an enjoyable gaming and video streaming experience. However, the parameters allow you to choose between adaptive mode that allows smoother scrolling automatically (up to 120 Hz depending on use) or a standard mode, which consumes less energy by choosing a standard frequency of 60 Hz.

It is not possible to go further into the settings, especially the colors, it is not planned. On the other hand, there is a light mode and a dark mode, the latter of which can be programmed to activate between sunset and sunrise.

Sound: better to listen to

The A23 5G’s single speaker, located on the bottom right edge of the device, does not blink. At medium or full power, the sound soaks into the treble and has a very metallic sound. It’s almost better with wired headphones plugged into the mini-jack.

On the other hand, Samsung promises an immersive Dolby Atmos experience (immersive 360° sound) provided you have Bluetooth speakers and headphones, such as Samsung’s Free Buds, or compatible wired headphones.

A balanced configuration, quite low on RAM

The A23 5G does not contain an Exynos in-house chip. Samsung prefers to equip it a Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 SoC, the same eight-core as the Honor X40, Poco X4 Pro, Motorola Moto G62 5G or Realme 9 5G. Other than this, the latter is related to 4 GB of RAM. A very small RAM with a pitfall: the Samsung A23 5G may struggle with multitasking due to lack of resources. 2 GB more RAM is welcome, but the price won’t be the same…

However, when its use is focused on a resource-intensive app, the smartphone does not suffer from harmful slowdowns. Tested with Call of Duty, a resource intensive game, there was no lag to report during our game and good fluidity was observed.

AnTuTu/Geekbench/3DMark/PC Mark

On the storage side, the Samsung A23 5G can be placed 64 GB of data and other OS and app updates. A good amplitude that is easy expand up to 1TB card in a slot reserved for adding a micro-SD card. The latter complements two slots to accommodate two SIM cards, and therefore two different lines. A welcome possibility for pros or leaders of double lives…!

Interface: 100% Samsung

Samsung A23 5G works under Android 12 enriched with One UI 4.1 interfacethe signature of Samsung that will not confuse aficionados of the Korean brand. Please note that system updates are only guaranteed for 2 years. Otherwise, it is said that this A23 5G will not go beyond Android 14. On the other hand, security updates are guaranteed for 4 years. The level of customization of the interface is still extensive (wallpapers, styles, themes, etc.).

However, the manufacturer pushes consumption to, when starting the device, too many proposals to install paid applications that not everyone wants to use (Disney +, Spotify, Netflix, etc.). As well as using its own apps (Samsung O, Galaxy Store, etc.). Fortunately, everything can be easily uninstalled.

Image: tails during the day, tails at night

In the Samsung A23 5G, it is not one, not two, let alone three, but at least 4 sensors make up the main image module.

Let’s be clear, we are not in the presence of a photophone. Because we repeat it, it is not only the number of pixels highlighted that determines the quality of the shots.

If software processing also plays a big role, it doesn’t mean that the Samsung A23 5G is there to immortalize your shots every time.

First tour with the owner: the A23 5G therefore embeds 4 sensors in its main image module:

  • A main, 50 Mpx (aperture f / 1.8);
  • An ultra wide-angle, 5 Mpx (aperture f / 2.2);
  • A 2MP portrait (f/2.4 aperture);
  • A 2 MP macro (f/2.4).

During the day with good lighting conditions, the photos are true to reality. Other than looking too far to the edges (blurry) and frankly zooming into a shot. The overall result is satisfactory and there are no significant distortions. The software intervention is so careful that you won’t see the difference.

Digital zoom delivers images that tend to pixelateas shown below a zoom made on a street art fresco of our wide-angle photo (it blurs the edges), first with a zoom X5, then x10.

Large angle

5x zoom

10x Zoom

At night, it’s a different story. The Samsung A23 5G struggles to correct the effects of light sources. It delivers flat, even blurry shots with no depth.

Indoors, with fewer lateral views, more side effects. The pictures reflect the reality of the colors that the eye can see. But the whole thing lacks vitality and tends to get saturated when it has to manage too much artificial light.

As for the selfie sensor, it is also equipped with minimum impact. A skin texture corrector was barely included. But it does not work miracles unlike the filters included by many Chinese manufacturers.

Autonomy: a sacred endurance

The durability of the A23 5G is a really strong point. It comes with a battery 5000mAh and a configuration that does not consume resources, presented by the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G great endurance.

With intensive use (surfing/apps/video, etc.), it stuck A good 12 hours before laying down the arms. Which means it can last longer with less demanding use. What you should remember, does not need to fully recharge it at the end of the day and that at worst, a simple boost will re-enrich it enough to see you through the night.

On the charging side, Samsung encourages its users to use their old smartphone’s charger. In fact, the Samsung A23 5G box is nothing. Therefore, you will need to recycle the one you already have or buy a new one.

There is no fast charging planned for this smartphone, although it is possible to recharge it with a charger of up to 25 W. To completely reinflate its battery to 100%, you have to be patient: almost 2 hours so that he can find all these colors. It’s a lot!

The competition update

Who said that the Samsung device has to say a price that is a bit higher than similar configurations from competitors. The brand pays for itself. But is this A23 5G really worth the extra cost? For Samsung fans, the question does not arise.

However, other smartphones in the same price range stand out. For example? The Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G with its 6 GB of RAM (2 more than the A23 5G), its Amoled screen, its 128 GB storage and its 67 W fast charger. Its price has dropped to €300. What to see here.

We can also mention, although they are less configured than the Redmi, the OnePlus Nord CE 5G (299 €AMOLED screen).


The Samsung A23 5G will please consumers who are used to the brand and buy its smartphones for what they offer: well-thought-out and balanced devices. This opus found in an affordable price range is no exception to the rule even if it is necessary to make a cross with a very good screen and a foolproof speed, reserved for more expensive smartphones.

The price of the device has come down, bringing it back into the limelight with an excellent price-performance ratio. All for an experience that will satisfy most users who don’t ask for the moon on their device. But you have to be not too demanding for your photos, return it compared to the higher models.

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