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Coming in September, the new edition of NBA 2K attracted a lot of people with its changes and the work done in some modes like The W or MyCAREER. Also in MyTeam, there is something new and we tried it in season 1. So before moving on to present the second one, which has just begun, let’s go back, as Trashtalk would say.

The first season of this new vintage from MyTeam surprised all players. In terms of gameplay, the lack of good shooters has given pride of place to nags who are capable of storming the arc. Logic. The rest is clean, there aren’t too many difficult elements that might put off the average player like in the beginning of 2K22. We are on conquered ground.

Jordan, season 1 icon

© 2K

The big news announced was the loss of contracts. A satisfactory decision, but some other changes had a less warm reception: for example, cards obtained through locker codes, when climbing or leveling up are blocked now, so you can’t auction them off again and hope to win the jackpot. A reverse side of the coin. The cards for sale are no longer available in packs to open, they seem to be rarer and still overpriced at this level of the season. Sometimes we go over a nice big million MT to buy 95 cards. But that’s the beginning of the game, nothing too surprising. The Friday card series includes three copies of the same player, at different levels. It’s nice, but we’d prefer more maps and more players to spice up our weekend.

The new animation for discovering big cards in NBA 2K23 game.

New animation for discovering large cards

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Among other novelties, we discovered a complete change in the purchasing system with tokens as they are now used to pay Series 1 players, the workforce at the beginning of the season. It’s a good idea to quickly build a trusted team. Note that all maps released in a season are now grouped together in the same tab, making it easier to find your way around. There are Takeover cards, one on Tuesday, one on Friday, that are there for a week and are earned by completing multiple challenges or by getting lucky with the wheel at the end of each 3V3 or Clutch win. Every two weeks, 2K also adds a series of “Season 1” cards that allow you to unlock rewards and include nice little cards including players never seen in the game. for example Trophies also signified their arrival. A system that is not easy to understand without really diving into it, and which deserves a small caption to accompany the visual. Getting all the trophies of a team allows you to unlock a Pink Diamond card, some of which are really cracked, such as Jermaine O’Neal, D Rose or Ilgauskas.

The Bulls are in the spotlight this first season with Scottie Pippen as a level 40 bonus. The game gives a lot of experience, it’s not too complicated to get him.

96 reward cards by Tim Thomas in NBA 2K23.

Tim Thomas, a gold award

© 2K

And season 2? Everything previously placed will return (Takeover, Season 2 cards, new trophies unlocked, available in tokens for example). It’s wild west themed with Phoenix’s Devin Booker as the ultimate reward. Let’s not forget that this is the player chosen this year to be the cover of the standard edition of the game. Before him, you will be able to unlock Zion 91 at level 32. There is no new climb map because the Grand Prix is ​​Ben Wallace 94, released in Season 1. Cool little thing, the 5000 XP points is easily accessible every weekend by scoring points with the featured player (75 with Kareem, even if you have amethyst or pink diamond).

Ron Artest returns to MyTeam to the delight of fans of this era of NBA, trashtalking, and low blows.
The first set of cards for Season 2 swing three editions of the bearded Sixers, Mister James Harden, just after his big performance against the Celtics at the beginning of the regular season (for a loss for his team however). New Knicks game boss RJ Barrett has a very interesting 94 card while little German Magic prodigy Franz Wagner has his Amethyst card which is well worth it, especially since it’s not expensive for those player. Halloween weekend featured King LeBron, a classic, and… a big surprise! Ron Artest, kicked out of the game for years for his escapades, returns to MyTeam to the delight of fans of this era of NBA trashtalking, low blows and big hits (note the Palace of Auburn Hills). Funny, Artest has changed his name several times. During his time with the Lakers (2009-2013), he was officially called Metta World Peace. Her amethyst card therefore bears this name while the diamond and pink diamond bear her original surname (currently, she is called Metta Sandiford-Artest). He is very good in MyTeam, especially his 94 cards, cheap, spectacular and very effective, especially in defense.
Player Ray Allen's Glitched card in NBA 2K23 MyTeam.

For the Tuesday series, after the evolutionary rookies in season 1, make way for the Glitched card known to players. There are broken versions of some athletes, like Olajuwon’s big 95, and two very good Allens: Ray and Jarrett (who is doing wonders with the Cavs).

Jalen Brunson who had the privilege of owning the first NBA 2K23 MyTeam Moments card.

First Moments Card

© 2K

This season 2 logically marks the return of Moments cards, very popular among players because they are linked to NBA news. Jalen Brunson had the privilege of having the premiere of 2K23. The new leader of the Knicks, author of a massive playoff run with the Mavs, is adapting well to Madison Square Garden. To get his 91 Moments card, all you have to do is complete fairly simple challenges with his base card. Keldon Johnson has had one since then. Who’s next? The truth of the prosecution will tell.

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