NBA: Frenchies week

After stocking up on NBA week, make way for our tricolor representatives. Between some injured and sick players, and others lacking success and confidence, we can’t say that the French players are at their best! Even though the season is just getting started, we shouldn’t let the train pass the risk of seeing playing time drop like snow in the sun! A look back at Frenchies week in the NBA.

The week of the French in the NBA


Drafted this summer by the Thunder, Ousmane Dieng making its place in Oklahoma’s workforce. Credited with 14 minutes of playing time (not garbage time when the meeting folded), the former INSEP player was even more productive in the win over the Magic with 8 pts, 4 rebounds and 2 assists. The Thunder winger can expect to see his playing time grow on a young team that is building for the future. And to get there, you have to take advantage of every opportunity!

should do better

After a whirlwind start, Rudy Gobert hit the wall with his Minnesota Timberwolves team. Whether on an individual or collective level, the last meetings have highlighted the problems that Wolves may face, in the desire to make the French pivot and Karl Anthony Towns coexist. Less used on offense and looking for benchmarks with his new teammates, Rudy Gobert will have to raise his level of play in the coming weeks, both defensively and in movement without the ball.

rested this summer, Nicholas Batum want to be fresh and ready for the new Los Angeles Clippers season. But since the start of the season, the Frenchman’s playing time has fluctuated depending on injuries. With so many players needing to be on the ball to be effective, Batman’s role seems less important than in the past. With only 3 shots attempted per game, the captain of the French team sees his impact reduced and his role as a facilitator less visible. But with the disappointing results so far, the problem may not lie with the Habs.

Arrived before the start of the season via a two-way contract, Theo Maledon is given minutes and a replacement role at point guard. Taking advantage of the absence of Lamelo Ball, the former Thunder player still lacks aggressiveness in attack (4 shots attempted per game) while he showed good things in his first appearance. Awaiting the return of the titular leader, Théo Malédon must seize every opportunity that presents itself as soon as possible, under penalty of being relegated to the depths of the bench.


At the end of a mixed Eurobasket at an individual level, Evan Fournier now sees his place with the Knicks in question. Having lost his starting spot, the Frenchman’s playing time has been drastically reduced by falling below the 20 minute mark and more worryingly, a very ghostly production (3 pts average in the last 3 meetings). With a coach asking for more defense, it’s not certain that Evan Fournier will still be with the Knicks in February 2023

If E. Fournier’s situation is troubling, the sa Killian Hayes dangerous call. With a team playing at the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings (Detroit Pistons), the former Choletais still couldn’t show the extent of his talent. Dangerous and efficient, the Pistons leader still retains the confidence of his coach, but for how long? Asked by some followers who wonder if the French really have NBA level, Killian Hayes has to do violence to keep his minutes.

injured, Frank Ntilikina and Olivier Sarr will be back in the next few weeks. For Moussa Diabate, the player switches between the G-League and the NBA to develop. Having played twice at the end of October, he never left the NBA floors.

French player statistics

Rudy Gobert (Minnesota Timberwolves): 12.6 pts, 13.9 rebounds, 1.6 blocks in 32.2 minutes

Evan Fournier (New York Knicks): 8.8 pts, 2.4 rebounds, 1.6 assists in 21.8 minutes

Nicholas Batum (Los Angeles Clippers): 4.1 pts, 3.4 rebounds, 1.5 assists in 18 minutes

Theo Maledon (Charlotte Hornets): 5.0 pts, 1.8 rebounds, 2.7 assists in 14.4 minutes

Killian Hayes (Detroit Pistons): 2.7 pts, 2.1 rbds, 3.1 ast in 17.8 minutes

Ousmane Dieng (Oklahoma City Thunder): 3.5 pts, 2.4 rbds, 1.6 ast in 14.3 minutes

Moussa Diabate (Los Angeles Clippers): 1.5 pts, 1 rebounds, 0.5 ast in 3.2 minutes

Frank Ntilikina (Dallas Mavericks): injured

Olivier Sarr (Portland Trail Blazers): injured

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