From COP27 to Twitter, Macron tries to present himself as a good student of ecology – 07/11/2022 at 18:20

Ivorian environmental activist Andy Costa, Tamarah Moutotekema Boussamba and Emmanuel Macron during COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, November 7, 2022 (POOL / Ludovic MARIN)

Emmanuel Macron tried on Monday at COP27 in Egypt to don the garb of an “exemplary” student in the fight against climate change, before chaining meetings to show off his environmental record, in front of frustrated activists at the beginning of five years. term.

Arriving at the UN climate summit in Sharm el-Sheikh, the French president assured that Europe and France are on the right “trajectory” to meet their “goals” of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. strict And he pointed the finger elsewhere.

“We should have the United States and China really at the crossroads” of “this battle”, he estimated. “The Europeans pay” but “only we will pay”, and therefore it is necessary to “press the rich non-European countries, to tell them + you must pay your share +”, he insisted.

“The climate emergency is there”, then he hammered the COP27 podium, defending his triptych of “energy sobriety”, “renewable energies” and the revival of nuclear power, and begging for emerging countries to come out ” soon” charcoal.

The Head of State also defended financial solidarity among the poorest countries exposed to the devastating effects of global warming, but asked “a group of high-level intelligent people” for proposals in the spring to reform the system of finance. international.

“We no longer have the luxury of wasting time”, protested after his speech Clément Sénéchal, of Greenpeace France, who believes Emmanuel Macron has “paralyzed” COP27 by favoring this “umpteenth parallel dialogue” rather than an agreement. immediately in Sharm el-Sheikh .

Above all, “no specific proposal was made in this speech in Egypt about French or European CO2 emissions, which are very high”, the activist complained.

Emmanuel Macron’s promise to plead for a ban on the exploitation of the deep seabed has only found favor in the eyes of the environmental association.

The international speech will be followed, Tuesday in Paris, by practical work on a national scale: a meeting at the Elysée with the French industrialists who emit the most greenhouse gases to encourage them to speed up their “decarbonization”. At the same time, Emmanuel Macron undertook, in a video on Twitter, to answer this week questions from the French on the “ecological challenge”.

– “Twice as fast” –

After a mixed first mandate on environmental matters, he vowed to step up himself. The second five-year term “will be ecological or not”, he launched in April, setting the goal of “twice as fast” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

At the Élysée, the first results were presented to show that actions depend on promises, such as the plan for moderation that makes it possible to “save 10% of our energy”, the vote in the Senate for the bill on wind turbines and photovoltaics, or the presentation of a text to accelerate nuclear power.

Not up to it, the opponents of the left and the defenders of the environment answer in chorus.

In an exchange with African and French youth committed to the climate in Sharm el-Sheikh, the French president was asked about the lack of real taxation of the “record profits” of energy groups.

“These profits are criminal, they are crimes against humanity,” said Nathan Méténier, one of the UN Secretary General’s young advisers on climate change.

“I fully share the description you gave,” replied Emmanuel Macron. To immediately make contact by explaining that taxation will only make sense on a global scale, which he assured to “fight”.

Last week, a decision illustrated, in the eyes of the left, the lack of real will of the executive, when it passed the trap of amendments still approved by the National Assembly to increase by 12 billion euros the aid for thermal renovation of housing.

Anne Bringault, from the Climate Action Network, also notes that France’s greenhouse gas emissions, despite being condemned for “climate inaction”, are still “far” from the right trajectory.

And this even though “several climate-damaging measures have been taken since the beginning of these five years”, he added, referring to the reopening of the Saint-Avold coal-fired power plant, a project for a new LNG terminal in Le Havre. , support for the purchase of fuel for all “which benefited the richest households the most”.

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