From COP27 to Twitter, Macron is trying to come off as a good student of ecology

VS’is an “exemplary” student of the fight against climate change that Emmanuel Macron intends to speak on Monday at the COP27 in Egypt, before a chain of appointments to show his record on the environment, in front of activists who have failed at the beginning of the five-year term.

“The first message we want to convey at this COP27 is that, both in France and in Europe, we are doing the job”, with “the desire to be exemplary in the implementation” of international climate commitments, said the entourage of president before the UN summit in Sharm el-Sheikh.

The Head of State must defend financial solidarity in the poorest countries exposed to the devastating effects of global warming, but by playing the “concrete solution” card, such as the Great Green Wall in the Sahel, in instead of the creation of a new fund requested by some of them.

His speech on the international scene will be followed, Tuesday in Paris, by practical work on a national scale: a meeting at the Elysée with the industrialists who emit the most French greenhouse gases to encourage them to speed up their “decarbonization” . At the same time, Emmanuel Macron undertook, in a video on Twitter, to personally answer this week questions from the French about the “ecological challenge”.

“Two Speed”

After a mixed first term on environmental issues, he pledged in April, between two rounds of presidential elections, to step up himself. The second five-year term “will be ecological or not”, he launched in Marseille.

This priority took the form of a goal, to go “twice as fast” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

At the Elysée, we presented the first results and a series of announcements to show that the actions are at the meeting of the promises: vote in the Senate of the bill on renewable energies – even if its adoption by the National Assembly is not got –, presentation of a text to speed up the nuclear program, goals of two million electric cars built in France and one billion trees planted in France by 2030. ..

The plan for moderation, made necessary by the war in Ukraine, already allows us to “save 10% of our energy”, a trend that we need to “maintain all winter”, also welcomes an advisor of the presidency.

Not up to the task, however, respond simultaneously to the opponents of the left and defenders of the environment.

Last week, a decision illustrated, in the eyes of the left, the lack of real will of the executive, when it passed the trap of amendments still approved by the National Assembly to increase by 12 billion euros the aid for thermal renovation of housing.

“The government had a good opportunity to help the working classes” to face this challenge, but it removed itself “with 49.3” to approve its 2023 budget without a vote, regretted Clément Sénéchal, of the association of Greenpeace.

“Disastrous steps”

The Macronist argument of “responsibility”, in times of budget deficit? “They always have a good reason”, sweeps this activist, who believes that a real taxation of superprofits, for which Emmanuel Macron is “stubborn”, will make it possible to finance these priorities.

Anne Bringault, from the Climate Action Network, also notes that France’s greenhouse gas emissions, although condemned for “climate inaction”, are still “far” from the “correct trajectory”.

And this even though “several climate-damaging measures have been taken since the beginning of these five years”, he added, referring to the reopening of the Saint-Avold coal-fired power plant, a project for a new LNG terminal in Le Havre. , support for the purchase of fuel for all “which benefited the richest households the most”…

These criticisms come at a time when Emmanuel Macron, who opposes any “punitive” or “degrowth” ecology, is facing an increase in radical actions.

If the accusation of “ecoterrorism” brought by the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin after the incidents in Deux-Sèvres does not unite the majority, the executive hopes to take advantage of the opportunity to show the balance of the policy.

“I understand the sense of urgency”, assured Sunday the Minister of Transportation Clément Beaune to the Grand Jury RTL / LCI / Le Figaro.

But does “throwing molotov cocktails at law enforcement” “advance the ecological cause?” he asked. “I’m absolutely sure not.”

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