Spotlight on the new Adobe 2023!

On the occasion of the annual meeting of Adobe Max, Adobe announced all the innovations developed during the year just ended. Three trends mark this edition. Adobe wants to save time for creators using artificial intelligence by automating some repetitive tasks. Like last year, the development of collaborative tools is gaining momentum. Finally, Adobe continues to develop Adobe Express, an easy-to-use mobile and web design application. All Adobe Max 2022 conferences are currently available for replay, free of charge.

Adobe MAX is available on replay, from inspiration sessions to practice sessions, to (re)discover for free. → Access the replay.

Adobe Express is growing

Adobe Express continues to be released. This app design for mobile and online devices features a streamlined design interface. It allows you to design flyers, posters, presentations, or even visuals for social networks in a few clicks from pre-existing and adaptable models. It is still possible to add to the application its brand characteristics, such as its logo or its colors, to standardize its visuals almost automatically. Augmented by artificial intelligence, the application even suggests fonts that match the spirit of the current creation.

Access a replay of the Adobe Max Keynote showing the new features of all applications by clicking on the image.
Improved “select subject” functionality for portraits in Photoshop.

What’s new in Photoshop and Lightroom

The Photoshop web application is growing even further, with new tools available. So, it is possible to remove a background with one click. Camera RAW is included here. Photoshop software especially benefits from neural filters developed using artificial intelligence. They allow the image to change from day to night, from winter to summer, or even colorize an old image. The selection tool, like deleting an element, has also been improved. Gradients change a posteriori: their color, like their structure. A new “illusion of depth” effect begins its debut. On the Lightroom side, new presets have been added, and it is finally possible to apply a editing in a group of pictures.

Photo restoration filter in Photoshop.

Illustrator and InDesign are increasingly working together

Like all other Adobe software, Illustrator and InDesign are increasingly collaborative. Thanks for the new feature share for review, it is possible to invite customers and collaborators to comment directly on the design. InDesign supports new graphic formats such as HEIC, HEIF, WEBP, and JP2K. A new “dressing” functionality option is available: by activating “select subject”, the software analyzes the image and determines the subject to center it. Finally, it is possible to create style packs, which, thanks to artificial intelligence, automatically detect what is under the title, subtitle or body text. This allows for faster editing. In Illustrator, an interlacing tool saves valuable time when intersecting two objects.

Create in Photoshop a backpack made in Adobe Substance 3D and Adobe Substance Painter.

Go 3D with Adobe Substance 3D

3D is leaving with the advent of virtual reality. Thanks to Substance 3D Modeler, in beta version, model your elements with oculus in virtual reality: an experience close to clay sculpture. Once the element is created, add colors and textures using Adobe Substance 3D Painter. Using Adobe Substance 3D Stager, stage this object in a larger than life environment.

Creating a dragon in Substance 3D Modeler. continues to revolutionize Premiere Pro and After Effects

Thanks to the 2021 acquisition of, Adobe has accelerated the integration of collaborative tools into its video software. New features simplify production. It is now possible to align text and shape elements with one click when designing titles. Adobe also inaugurated Adobe Camera in the Cloud, its instant transmission system and live rush shot. The RED V-Raptor and Fujifilm X-H2S cameras scheduled for release in late 2022 and 2023 will be the first to feature this system.

Adobe MAX is available on replay in almost its entirety, from inspiration sessions to training sessions, to (re)discovering for free. → Access the replay.

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