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Since the health crisis, many employees have taken a new turn in their careers to satisfy their search for meaning at work and freedom. These desires explain the sharp increase in freelancing over the past two years. Faced with growing recruitment difficulties, companies rely on wage portage to access a specific expertise on an ad hoc basis.

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Reduce hiring time thanks to wage portage

In the health crisis, the duration of the complete recruitment process exceeded the usual few weeks. This slowness is due to the lack of candidates who have the necessary qualifications and are willing to accept paid employment. In fact, the French today rely on flexibility, a company that shares its values, and quality human relationships. In other words, better Quality of Life at Work (QVT). With wage portage, it only takes 48 hours to set up a service with an expert for a specific project in a well-defined period. The latter avoids time-consuming administrative formalities and maintains total autonomy in managing his time.

Reduce HR costs

Hiring a confirmed candidate in France costs between €5,000 and €8,000. In addition, hiring involves indirect costs for the onboarding of the new recruit, his training, the layout of his workstation, the acquisition of equipment. If this employee does not cope with the task, the cost is not profitable, not to mention that the departure generates additional administrative costs, which are added to new recruitments. In an uncertain economic climate, companies favor a solution that does not affect their payroll. And it’s more so because professionals with specialized or rare skills are highly paid in the context of a talent shortage. Using the services of a freelance portage allows them to benefit from recognized skills at the right time. All they have to do is pay the agreed fees and possibly reimburse some mission expenses.

Remove administrative barriers

The wage portage company, like, takes care of all the administrative tasks related to the contractualization of the service and the management of the activity of its sponsored employees. It draws contracts, invoices services, pays social contributions, the premium for complementary health, pays the salary to the consultant supported by a payslip. He also takes care of tax and social declarations. HR teams are relieved of the administrative management of the self-employed.

Limit legal risk

Wage portage spares the client the risk of re-qualification of contracts or the offense of prohibited labor loans and subcontracting while giving him the benefit of modern expertise. Missions are also covered by Professional Civil Liability taken by the portage company. This formula allows them to find the right balance between the team building required by the activity and the management of risks.

The keys to successfully “recruiting” a freelance service provider

To quickly find the profile that matches the company’s needs, the Human Resources department must start by drawing up a clear and precise job offer. It should contain:

  1. a title that attracts potential partners;
  2. a company presentation with some key figures and key facts;
  3. a precise description of mission objectives;
  4. a list of desired skills;
  5. the deadline for performing the requested work.

Now is the time to establish a budget. The Average Daily Rate set by a candidate depends on his expertise, his experience and the characteristics of the mission (complexity, duration, urgency). Comparing the market prices for a similar profile is highly recommended. Sometimes, additional resources must be made available to the consultant (business software, network access, workspaces if their on-site presence is essential). These costs must be verified by the accounting department according to the cash position. To avoid a long hiring process, companies can turn to a matchmaking platform dedicated to freelancing. The mission offer is distributed to a community of qualified independent professionals. Some of these sites are general, others specialize in a trade or professional sector (IT, construction, commercial, translation, graphic design, etc.). A dedicated team selects the applications most likely to meet the company’s expectations. Thus, the latter saves valuable time, and makes a decision based on reliable information. In wage portage, the terms of service performance are negotiated directly between the client company and the independent expert. When both parties agree, the consultant signs a portage agreement and a fixed or indefinite term employment contract with EPS. The latter concludes a service contract with the client. The mission can start without waiting for the service provider to register as a self-employed entrepreneur or create his own company.

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