Record heat in Asia, storms between the Pacific and Atlantic,… weather news around the world at the beginning of October 2022 06/10/2022


The beginning of October is very mixed in continental Europe. If freshness and disturbed weather prevail in the West, the East of the region is on the other hand affected by a particularly marked heat wave for the season.

Temperature anomalies in Europe on October 1, 2022 – TropicalTidBits

Until 41.2°C was raised in Antalya in Turkey, a new monthly national record. We also remember up to 39.7°C in Cyprus on the same day, 39.2°C in Athalassa National Park in Greece or even 33.1°C at Meet in Romania.

Between the cold air in the West and the warm air in the East, sometimes violent storms affect Italy between the end of September and the beginning of October. On September 29, a A spectacular tornado affected the Latina region near Rome, causing damage but fortunately about a major rural sector.

Tornado near Latina in Italy on September 29, 2022 – Via Facebook – Tornado In Italia

On the sideline of this different weather in continental Europe, the region of the Canary Islands was affected at the end of September by the remnants of tropical depression Hermine, which produced very strong and sometimes record rainfall in the sector. We are really high 104.1mm in Gran Canaria on September 25, a new all-time high for station o 68.3mm in La Palma (monthly record).

Rainfall totals for September 25, 2022 in the Canary Islands –AEMET

America :

Autumn is slowly entering the North of the American continent and many sectors are observing an explosion of colors in the plants in recent weeks.

Amazing fall colors in early October in Vermont – Via Instagram @brianjohnsadventure

Further south, Hurricane Ian disappeared in recent days after making landfall for the second time in South Carolina. If it was less powerful than when it entered Florida, it still provoked damage to the coasts of US states particularly due to a large storm surge and heavy rainfall.

Flooding after Hurricane Ian hits South Carolina – Via Newsweek

On the Florida side, the toll of both storms continues to rise and is now more than 120 victims recognized by the regional authorities, labor one of the deadliest storms in state history. Search operations are still ongoing and the region is likely to take several years to recover from such a disaster.

The Sanibel Island area was completely devastated by Hurricane Ian – via ABC News

On the Pacific side, Hurricane Orlene formed and quickly forced itself out of Mexico in late September, reaching category 4 October 2.

Hurricane Orlene in Mexico on October 1, 2022 -NASA

He then headed to the Sinaloa and Nayarit regions of western Mexico, they were held in category 1 on October 3 after the intensity fortunately dissipated quickly. It still brought strong gusts of wind to the sector’s coasts but also heavy rains that caused some damage.

Some damage after Hurricane Orlene hits Mexico – KTLA

After a brief calmer period, cyclonic activity resumes along the edge of the Atlantic basin. A tropical wave has transformed into a low pressure system approaching northern South America in recent days.

Tropical systems over the Atlantic Basin on October 6, 2022 -NHC

This system, then named 91L “potential cyclone thirteen” has already caused damage due to heavy rains and thunderstorms on the Trinidad and Tobago side in recent days. Localized flooding was indeed observed in this sector.

Major flooding in Trinidad and Tobago on October 5, 2022 – Via Twitter @Top_disaster

This depression remains under close watch in the coming days, may strengthen significantly and develop into a category 1 or greater hurricane heading toward Nicaragua by the end of the weekend.

Trajectory and possible intensity of depression 91L in the coming days –


After severe thunderstorms in recent weeks, the Weija Dam along the Densu River in Ghana was forced to open some of its gates to release the accumulated overflow, resulting in severe flooding in adjacent areas.

Massive flooding following the partial opening of the Weija dam gates in Ghana – Via Twitter @KafuiDey

If this sudden arrival of water has serious consequences for the villages located near the river (thousands of people have been evacuated, several dozen have been saved), however, it is necessary to prevent the possible destruction of the dam in question. The water level has reached 15.09m at the level of the dam, that is, almost 50cm above the highest water level permitted by the infrastructure.

The heavy rains also caused other floods in large parts of the region with sometimes significant damage, forcing the survival of many inhabitants.

In the south of the continent, the weather is calmer but the heat is not normal. A heat wave has really affected the southern tip of Africa in recent days with values ​​above 40°C in some sectors. In fact we were able to raise the 41.6°C in Twee Rivieren (South Africa), 40.5°C in Van Zylsrus or even 34.9°C in Johannesburg on October 3, temperature sometimes 10 to 14°C above values ​​normally observed during this period.

Temperature anomalies over the African continent on October 3, 2022 – MetDesk

In part of the Indian Ocean, the second tropical depression of the weather has formed in recent days and may strengthen to moderate tropical storm status this Saturday or Sunday. However, it does not threaten any inhabited land.

Expected evolution of depression DT02 in the Indian Ocean in the coming days – Meteo France


After a record summer in terms of heat in the country, a new historic heat wave affected China between the end of September and the beginning of October. The temperature was really high for the season as it crossed the 40°C mark between October 1 and 4 in the country, something that has not been done since meteorological readings began.

A maximum of 40.9°C was also observed in Qingyang (Anhui) on October 3, a new monthly national record while 39°C has never been surpassed in October.

Highest temperature recorded on October 3, 2022 in China – Via Ogimet and Twitter @Ekmeteo

However, China is not the only region affected by this abnormal heat. In North Korea, up to 33.4°C was recorded on October 1 in Wonsan, a new national monthly record. In South Korea, 32.8°C was recorded in Kangnung, again a new national monthly record.

The heat was also marked on October 1 in Japan with an example 31.4°C in Tokoro, a new monthly record for the island of Hokkaido, breaking the old record of 28.2°C in Saroma on October 5, 1987.

Maximum temperature observed on October 1, 2022 in Japan – JMA on Twitter @Ekmeteo

Typhoon Noru formed off the Philippines in late September before experiencing one of the largest and fastest intensifications ever seen over the basin, from the stage of a tropical storm to the stage of a super-storm in just 24 hours.

It hit the northern Philippines on September 25 of winds of more than 250km/h, heavy rains and many floods caused the death of ten people.

Massive flooding following the passage of Noru in the Philippines – Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Then it was off to Vietnam, which thankfully lost in intensity, however caused many injuries in the affected regions and unfortunately 4 victims.

Heavy damage following Noru’s passage in Vietnam – NCHMF


Rainfall records have continued to be broken in eastern Australia in recent weeks. At the Sydney Observatory, the annual total reached 2216mm at the beginning of October, beating the old record of 2194mm for the year 1950 while the year 2022 is far from over and fresh heavy rains are expected in the area in the coming days.

Cumulative rainfall since January 1, 2022 at Observatory Hill in Sydney – Bureau of Meteorology

In New Zealand, a late cold snap was observed across much of the country with snowfall down to very low altitudes observed in the center and south of the country, a rare occurrence at this time of year.

Snowfall in Geraldine in New Zealand on October 4, 2022 – Molly Johnson

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