Grandma’s death. Photos, tweets and “indecent” reactions … On Twitter and social networks, the chaos remains out of control

Ever since the 12-year-old girl was killed on Friday October 14, Twitter and social networks have been in an uproar. Political withdrawal, “indecent” or even outlaw sentences. Analysis with Bérénice Mariau, teacher-researcher in information and communication sciences.

It’s impossible to escape, if you go on Twitter. Photos, tweets and hashtags that say “justice“or the organization of a”display” for Lola, spreading on the social network. These reactions are many, since Friday, October 14, the day of the violent death of the 12-year-old girl. the 19th arrondissement of Paris. The this publication play emotions on the internet. Problem: some of them are a recovery of political parties or personalities.

A cry of the heart launches this Wednesday, October 19, the president of the association A child’s voice. Martine Brousse could not stand the statements and letters she had read in recent days. “For 45 years we have been fighting for children. I am sad and I am between disgust and anger. If we agree to talk now, because until now there is no reason that justifies our association, it is due to the necessary silence and respect for mourning after this heinous crime was broken. I am not afraid to say it now: it is a recovery. The political leaders have a monopoly on this matter, like wild animals .I will not be silent, that when they, are silent“, he exclaimed.

The leader of this association is not the only one touched by this wave in social networks. Many tweets also called for respect for mourning, respect for the work of justice and sometimes necessary silence.

A reaction consistent with the relatives of the 12-year-old girl. The girl’s parents recalled “a desire manifested very quickly [de ne vouloir absolument pas] political recovery of their tragedy“. A statement this Wednesday, October 19 by the mayor of the town where the family comes from, to our colleagues from franceinfo.

The reappropriation of this news item is not the first, according to Bérénice Mariau. “The strategy of the opposing camp is to point out the fact that the government in the area cannot ensure the safety of the citizens. It instills a sense of insecurity: there is the idea of ​​saying that the political leaders in power are not able to protect the population“, explained this teacher-researcher in information and communication sciences.

A theory that has been proven again, in the context of the murder of Lola, according to the researcher. “Here, the opposition hoped for deportation at the border which was not done. Which suggests a feeling of insecurity in the eyes of the public, because this action prescribed by law has not been carried out“, describes the specialist at the Catholic Institute of Paris. Not to mention that the arrival, in recent years, of Twitter and social networks, makes it possible to convey these ideas more quickly: “Twitter promotes the display of collective emotion“.

In the past, he found himself in the organization of white marches, in depositing photos and objects at the scene of the facts. Now, this sentiment is spreading on social networks. It appeals to the public, especially if it is a child. Expressing collective feelings is a form of reparation. The news item is very consensual in general: everyone agrees that what happened was terrible, that the perpetrator should be punished very severely. It contributes to the formation of a collective, at a given moment. Other than that, it didn’t last long“, added Bérénice Mariau.

On Twitter and elsewhere, the political continuation of this news is happening too early, according to the specialist. “It’s not too judgmental, because the public is still in the stage of wonder, of investigation. This is not the time for rationalization, which must nevertheless be respected. We can hypothesize that social networks lead to this rapid speech“, university judge.

The continuation of these topics related to security, whether real or virtual, is above all the right of parties on the right, even the far right, according to this specialist. “The idea is to give the news, which is a unique story, an attribute of universality. One of the specialists here is Nicolas Sarkozy. With every piece of news, there is a corresponding need to enact legislation. We also learned this in 2002, when the extreme right came for the first time in the second round of the presidential election. At that time, there was the case of “papy Voise”, an old man who was attacked by some people, a few days before the first round of this election.“, said Berenice Mariau.

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