Samsung Galaxy Buds 2: Specifications, Price and News

Credit: Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

After the first successful experience with the very first model of wireless headphones – the Galaxy Buds pro, which blew up the sales counters the moment it was released – the Korean giant Samsung is starting a new adventure with a new product. This is an improved version of its previous wireless headphones, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2. If the very first model costs €230 at launch, the bet made by the company is to offer a more affordable price for the new version. Let’s discover together what are the characteristics of this new gem.

His characteristics

We will discuss in detail the features of the new Galaxy Buds 2, so we can pick out the most interesting points, while keeping an eye on what didn’t really work.

Presentation and design of Galaxy buds 2

Regarding its appearance, there is nothing too surprising, because the Galaxy 2 model is in all respects similar to its predecessors, the Galaxy Buds live and Buds pro. Thus we found in-ear headphones with a rounded shape. Despite this design, the Galaxy Buds 2 weighs 5 grams. This allows it not to be removed from the ear once it is worn. Control is ensured in this model by a tactile surface, colored like the inside of the earphone housing.

Galaxy Buds 2 case

The Galaxy Buds 2 case also has almost the same features as the Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds pro. It has a compact appearance, weighs 41.2 grams and measures 50.2mm × 50mm × 27.8mm. This makes it similar to a ring box, which can easily be stored in your jeans pocket. It is white, regardless of the color of the headphones selected, equipped with two indicator lights (outside the case and inside the headphones) on the charging level, and a USB-C socket on the back for charging .

A smoother sound

Galaxy Buds 2 gets rid of the two-voice/dual-driver structure, while maintaining quality. So we found headphones with a very detailed and balanced sound in the low end and in the midrange. Although there are accentuations (more than ANC mode) in this range, however there is no exaggeration that can change the listening. Without ANC, there is softer accentuation.

Noise reduction

Having demonstrated its ability to provide this function in the Galaxy Buds 2 pro model, the giant Samsung did not fail to prove it again with the Galaxy Buds 2. This is a key feature for true Wireless headphones. For this case, noise reduction is as good as headphones with a high level (especially when it comes to bass and low mids) and reaches more than twenty decibels. Admittedly, we’re still thirty decibels below competitor Apple. But, the quality remains remarkable. However, we also notice some small problems with the ambient mode that does not allow the sound environment to be rendered in 3D, as well as the hands-free kit mode where the microphone does not take long to saturate.

sound microphone

Samsung has equipped each of the earpieces of its headphones with three microphones that allow you to pick up voice and make high-quality calls or even record videos. He has no difficulty focusing the voice in a calm environment to reduce the echo to its simplest expression. In a noisier environment outside, Samsung galaxy buds 2 will process the signal so that noise pollution does not affect your conversation. It has just about everything you need to provide efficient communication.


Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 headphones are compatible with different platforms. Whether you are on Android, IOS Windows, Mac OS, you will enjoy this amazing. More reasons to choose them.

Touch controls

Once connected to your phone, you can control your Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, thanks to the integrated touch surfaces. Four gestures are supported, namely: single press, double press, triple press and long press). It is possible to change some parameters. To do this, you will need to go through the Samsung Wearable application.


Samsung galaxy buds 2 are not IPX2 certified (they are not water resistant). If they resist small splashes well, they are not made for sports activities. However, you can perform small tasks with it, in complete safety. The goal is not to sweat too much.

Its autonomy

According to Samsung’s statements, the Galaxy Buds 2 lasts 5 hours of battery life when noise reduction is activated and twenty hours thanks to the charging case. That gives this pair of headphones a respectable average. Once the earphones are fully discharged, they will only need about thirty songs to fill up. For charging, there are two charging methods. Wired charging (for this, Samsung offers a USB-A to USB-C cable with purchase) and wireless charging.


Galaxy Buds 2 was officially released on August 11, 2021 and will be available in four colors (Olive, Lavender, Graphite or White) on the market since August 27 of the same year. You can find them on Amazon France.


Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2 are on sale for €149 on Amazon France. You can make a reservation now.

In order to effectively meet the needs of users, Samsung had to reorganize its policy for the production of wireless headphones. It is about creating a pair of mid-range headphones, which should allow Samsung to position itself as a market leader and withstand strong competition. For mid-range headphones, the content is quite high quality. The Galaxy Buds 2 should have no problem breaking into the global market.

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