Fiat is selling the new Doblo and E-Doblo

new fiat double

Fiat Professional now offers an all-electric range. New E-Doblò, is the third 100% electric utility vehicle. Versatile, spacious yet compact and adapted to everyone’s needs, the New Doblò and E-Doblò offer innovative and imaginative solutions to improve the daily life of professionals.

Fiat Professional presents the New Doblò, the fifth generation of the model, available, in addition to its Diesel or Petrol thermal version, in a 100% electric version. Intelligent, New Doblò is the perfect partner for busy working days. Everything is designed to ensure the best performance for every professional’s daily activities and missions.

Fiat Professional’s electrification process has taken a new step, as the New E-Doblò becomes the third fully electric commercial vehicle after the E-Ducato and E-Scudo.

Latest version of this successful van, the New E-Doblò is top level in terms of performance, functionality, payload and versatility.

Fiat Professional E-Doblò: a reliable companion thanks to its ingenious equipment

The New Doblò and E-Doblò are available in two lengths and two different configurations (Box, Crew Cab) and offer a wide range that can meet all needs. Particular attention was paid to the vehicle’s comfort during the design phase to take into account the preferences of professionals who use their vehicle eight or more hours a day. The goal is to provide a stress-free work experience through noise isolation and suspension designed to dampen road unevenness and vibration.

The ingenious equipment of the New Doblò and E-Doblò gives the vehicle maximum modularity, durability and safety, to make it a more reliable, versatile and flexible working companion.

The “ModuWork” system allows an increase of 0.5 m3 in loading volume and the possibility of loading long objects such as pipes or ladders up to 3.4 m long. Additionally, by adding more space, it is possible to raise the seat on the passenger side and use the compartment below for boxes or fragile items. There is also a table with a turntable to turn the cabin of the New Doblò and E-Doblò into a mobile office if necessary.

“Rear Surround Vision” is a 5-inch digital rear view mirror that offers three different possibilities: a rear view mirror, a full view of the blind spot area and a rear parking camera that improves visibility and safety.

The E-Doblò offers a first-rate payload – up to 800 kg on both wheelbases – allowing the loading of up to 2 euro-pallets; while in the thermal engine version, the New Doblò can reach up to one ton of load capacity.

Available in a long wheelbase version (XL size) and a short wheelbase (M size), the New Doblò is ready to face all events: the long wheelbase version reaches a maximum volume of 4.4 m3 thanks to the function ” ModuWork”. “.

The entire space of New Doblò and E-Doblò is designed to meet the needs of professionals. Modular, New Doblò and E-Doblò are utility vehicles that offer different seating and space configurations thanks to a sliding right side door.

In addition to the electric version, two diesel versions are available: 1.5 l 100 hp with manual gearbox; 1.5 l 130 hp with 6 or 8-speed manual or automatic gearbox. Finally, there are two petrol engines: 1.2 l generating 110 hp with a manual gearbox or 1.5 l of 110 hp with an automatic gearbox.


The new E-Doblò is equipped with a 50 kWh electric motor, with a power of 100 kW and a range of up to 285 km, according to the combined WLTP cycle. Thanks to the new motor, the E-Doblo has a maximum torque of 260 Nm and reaches a maximum speed of 130 km/h. In addition, the zero-emission version offers unique customer flexibility and unparalleled charging capacity, thanks to ultra-fast charging up to 100 kW, which allows direct current charging of 80% battery in just 30 minutes. The driver can choose between different modes: Normal, Eco and Power. Each level changes the vehicle’s steering response, improving and optimizing the vehicle’s performance: “Normal” mode is recommended for driving in normal traffic; the “Eco” mode improves energy saving and the “Power” mode gives priority to the vehicle’s power.

The battery layout does not involve any structural changes: the E-Doblò is available in the same dimensions, equipment and finishes as the New Doblò.

The new Doblò and E-Doblò are manufactured in the Stellantis factory in Vigo, Spain, thus benefiting from scale effects. The New Doblò and E-Doblò take advantage of the K9 program used in other brands of the Stellantis group with success.

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