Weather: rain, low temperatures, storms… what to expect in the coming days?

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What is the weather forecast for the next few days? La Dépêche summarizes the main temperature and weather variations for the week.

In a whole swath of the country, temperatures below normal for the season caused the French to shiver at the start of the week. Trends that will continue this week, especially with rain expected in the south of France, as confirmed by a forecaster from Météo France interviewed by La Dépêche.

The wave of freshness will be at its lowest this weekend in France, but the temperature will remain below average throughout the week, mainly because of the minimums, despite the heat that reigns in the southwest (from 25° to 28°) \ud83c\udf21\ufe0f

— The Weather Channel (@lachainemeteo) September 19, 2022

Here’s what awaits you in the coming days.

Tuesday, September 20

A wave of clouds, first established in the North, will spread in the afternoon from Brittany to Alsace and La Rochelle, with partly inclement weather possible and the morning temperature may drop up to 2 degrees at Chaumont, that is, 7 degrees below the minimum for the month of September. The forecast is usually 2 to 3 degrees lower than the September lows, with 10 degrees around Toulouse, meaning 3 degrees below the average minimum for September. Florian Hortala, forecaster at Météo France, explained that “the slightly lower forecasts in the last days are due to a stream to the north which caused the temperature to drop”. The situation observed every morning since the weekend therefore extends throughout the week.

L’afternoon will, however, be more lenient with temperature is generally more than 20 degrees. The Mediterranean side and the south of the Atlantic coast will have temperatures from 20 to 28 degrees in the afternoon, with bright sun.

Wednesday September 21

time, sunny in most of the territory, however it will be cloudy in the morning in Auvergne-Rhônes-Alpes, while the Grand Est will be affected by morning mist. Clouds will be visible in the afternoon in the sky in Centre-Val-de-Loir, North, Corsica and Normandy, and clouds will remain in the Grand Est while the rest of the territory will still have the right to the Sun.

The temperatures will still be below seasonal minimums 2 degrees in general, particularly in the east of France, with 7 degrees in the morning in Strasbourg. The afternoon will be similar to Tuesday, with temperatures not exceeding 20 degrees in the North and East, but hovering around 23 to 25 degrees in the South.

Thursday September 22

According to Florian Hortala, “the highest rise in the South for the weekend and may slightly exceed seasonal norms, but the risk decreases at the end of the week due to bad weather that will affect the Mediterranean”.

will be seen on Thursday the sky clears except on the edge of the Mediterraneanwith temperatures still low in the East in the morning, however, warming up in the afternoon to hover around 20 degrees across the country, and up to 27 degrees in Tarbes and 28 in Toulouse.

Friday September 23

“To those Storms are expected in the Southeast from Friday”, according to Florian Hortala. If no department is currently on alert, “the yellow alert state for heavy rain will likely be in part of the Mediterranean rim over the weekend, possibly with an orange watch in places depending on the evolution of forecasts.

\ud83c\udf27\ufe0f The rainy episode will follow in the Mediterranean between this weekend and the beginning of next week.

The ECMWF model average sees ~60 mm of rain in Nîmes between Sunday and Tuesday but some models are more aggressive (100 to 150 mm possible).

Stay informed.

— Etienne Farget (@EtienneFargetMC) September 19, 2022

The whole territory will be cloudyparticularly the North and West, beyond warmer temperatures in the morning than the day before.

The weekend of September 24 and 25

According to current forecasts, which are still subject to change, the rain and thunder will affect the south of France on the weekend of September 24 and 25. Bad weather, from Biarritz to Strasbourg on Saturday, will continue on Sunday with thunderstorms in the PACA area.

\ud83c\udf27\ufe0fThe situation will be monitored in the South of #France by the end of the week with the possible emergence of a marked rain-storm phase. Its location and intensity will remain to be determined in the coming days.
Animation: 24-hour consolidations from September 22 to 26 via WX CHARTS

— Guillaume Séchet (@Meteovilles) September 19, 2022

Parts of the Hauts-de-France and northern Normandy will also be subject to severe weather. “If the expected rain is strong, it stays classics for the month of September“, according to Florian Hortala. Temperatures will remain throughout less than 20 degrees and will not exceed the bar of 23 degrees, except for Corsica which can reach 25 degrees.

Next Sunday

Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 September will likely be marked by bad weather over much of the territory, with no accurate temperature forecast available. Forecasts for the next few days will help fix the exact areas of rain, but the whole south of France should be remembered on Monday, before the bad weather reaches the entire metropolis on Tuesday 27.

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