Volkswagen Polo 95 DSG: a heavy “small” against Clio and 208

Who remembers? The first Polo in 1975 was a simplified Audi 50. He was so successful that his sister from Ingolstadt quickly disappeared from the catalog. This was when Volkswagen, on the brink of a precipice with the public’s sudden disenchantment with old, rear-engined, wartime Beetles, desperately needed something new. In 1973, the Wolfsburg company poached Audi, turning its subsidiary’s 80 with rings into the Passat. The Polo was important to attract a clientele that was more financially strapped than the Golf, which was launched in 1974. Above all, Volkswagen wanted to compete with new stylish city cars such as the R5, Fiat 127, Autobianchi A 112 , Peugeot 104 Now, 47 years later, we are at the Polo VI and a half, after the last restyling of the sixth version that has refined the front and the stern.

This Polo, along with the Golf, is the most popular of contemporary Volkswagens. Growing up through the generations, it comes in the form of a small wagon that is aesthetically close to its big sister. Result: a balanced car, no frills, typical of the brand’s productions. The bodywork is timeless classic. This beauty that spans the ages does little to help its success.

Classic and timeless

Inside, it’s just as tight and almost timeless, except for the screen of course. The finish is excellent with well made and carefully fitted materials. The set shows well. And this Polo features better ergonomics than the Golf, lost in the throes of an absurd modernism. In particular, we see a classic gear lever, functional and worthy of the name, instead of the micro-lever that is impossible to catch its elder. The settings are quite simple. We’ll just follow the stupid obligation to click in two different places to defuse the line change alert on every restart. We’ll also include this absurd Volkswagen habit, which reactivates the parking beeps in every reverse gear and systematically attaches them to the camera. The camera can’t stand alone. It’s funny.

Apart from that, we will appreciate the habitability, due to the size. Even the space taken up by the impressive tunnel reduces the number of rear seats to two! The driving position is just right, as long as you want to sit hollow with your knees up. The seats are firmer than the Citroën but the back is more supported. The trunk is not large but adequate for the category. This mini-Golf has all its siblings for the journey. But, on a bad road, we lamented some unwanted squeaks coming from the rear end.

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