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Almost three weeks after the NBA resumed, it’s up to the G League to start its season tonight. The antechamber of the Great League will once again delight us with players with very funny blaz’ and sometimes… shocking actions. But wait, what exactly is the G League?

A large family of orange ball specialists, the Sébastianos once again agreed to answer our questions for this article. So we welcome Sebastiano Gi-Ligo, world expert in this very special championship that is the G League.

TrashTalk : Hello and thanks for agreeing to answer our questions about the G League.

Sebastiano Gi-Ligo : How are you. You know, I’ve been totally pumped for this championship ever since a trip to the Fort-Wayne Mad Ants hall where the grilled corn was juicy.

TT : Let’s start right away. What exactly is the G League?

SG : The G League is the development league of the NBA. To talk a little history, this championship was created in 2001 by the NBA itself. First named NBDL (National Basketball Development League), NBA D-League and finally NBA G League – thanks to a sponsorship with a major beverage brand – the championship is now a true antechamber of the NBA. The goal? Promote the development of players, coaches and referees for potential inclusion in the Big League. One of the most interesting points of this competition is that it also represents a kind of life-size laboratory. Several times, the NBA tested the new rules in the G League before implementing them in its championship. As of 2020, the G League also has a team of young prospects aiming to enter the Draft, the G League Ignite. The NBA is also using the championship to expand globally. The Mexico City Capitals joined the competition in 2021.

TT : But then, is it a bit like the second division?

SG : And no, think again. The G League is also a closed competition and has 30 teams this season, including 28 affiliated with NBA franchises, all organized into two conferences. This represents many advantages, such as the ability to send an NBA player for a few games in the G League to help him gain confidence. It can also allow a player returning from injury to recover at a lower intensity level than in the Big League. In the same vein, many non-drafted players are watching this championship with great interest, as it is directly related to his big sister. Who knows, maybe a good stint could lead to an opportunity to one day sign a contract with an NBA team? This is called a call, and some players were able to extend their NBA history after that. Aaron Brooks was named MIP in 2009-10 while coming over from the D-League!

TT : How is a G League season conducted?

SG : A classic season begins after the NBA season. Like his sista, he’s organized around the league with the Playoffs, not to mention the Draft and the All-Star Game. At the end of each season, individual trophies are also awarded because the G League MVP title is still classy in the chimney, huh Trevelin Queen? Like last year, the 2022-23 financial year will start from ShowcaseCup, a launch tournament that brings together all teams around four regional groups – North, South, East, West – and twelve matches per franchise. After this? A beautiful Christmas ending named the NBA G-League Winter Showcase, with the best teams in each group. Once this is all over, we wipe the slate clean and start the real season. If in 2021-22 the City Capitals and the G-League Ignite do not participate in the regular season, everyone will be invited to party this year. 32 games per team, and the top six from each conference advance to the Playoffs. The final fireworks are scheduled for April, with a new champion to replace the Rio Grande Valley Vipers?

TT : The most important question. Would you like breaded camembert?

SG : It is a yes.

TT : Thank you for your time, Sebastiano.

SG : Thank you, and a kiss to the brothers.

It is still a sacred luxury to have so many specialists to enlighten us on the running of major basketball competitions across the Atlantic. In the meantime, the G-League kicks off tonight, and you’re now ready to shine at happy hour if you’re asked what it is.

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