On Twitter, Elon Musk was compared to Thanos for his wave of layoffs

screenshot of Twitter In this montage made on Twitter, Elon Musk becomes the “Crazy Titan” Thanos, a villain from Marvel comics who can wipe out half the universe with a simple gesture.

TWITTER – A ” Snap of employees reminiscent of the devastating snap of the Avengers’ enemy’s fingers. In fact, just one week after being bought by Elon Musk, Twitter sought to lay off half of its workforce on Friday, November 4.

A decision far from receiving a smile from the employees of the social network in the blue bird, until a bad comparison appeared online about the controversial businessman, founder of SpaceX. Like a certain Thanos, the great villain of stories involving Marvel superheroes, Elon Musk is now compared to ” mad titan “for removal” 50% of the staff from Twitter, a sudden loss of nearly 3,750 employees out of 7,500 working at the California company.

Something that will remind some of the famous “Stake a nap of Thanos in the comics and on film avengers infinity warwhere a simple snap of his fingers allowed the supervillain to instantly wipe out half the living creatures in the universe, that’s all.

And the first to make this comparison were the main victims of Elon Musk’s decisions: tweeps, the nickname of Twitter employees, warned on Thursday night by email of upcoming layoffs. A message also states that the offices will be “temporarily closed” and badge access “suspended”so that “to ensure the security of each employee and of Twitter’s systems and data”.

According to information shared this Friday, it is therefore in anticipation of ” the loss of half of their colleagues “that” some started calling this Friday ‘the Snap’ and posting Thanos memes”reports expert journalist Casey Newton on Twitter.

“Thanos in real life”

It’s enough for the Internet to pick up on the comparison, thus offering an anthology of photo montages (more or less successful) in which the richest man in the world replaces Thanos in images taken from the saga films. avengers.

This is how Elon Musk feels after getting 50% off Twitter », wrote for example this Internet user to accompany his montage in which the face of the founder of PayPal is perfectly combined with the body of the fictional character, incorporated into the cinema by Josh Brolin. Another Internet user even offered a drawing made for the occasion to make Thanos and Musk one.

When not directly compared to Thanos, it is the infinity gauntlet that Elon Musk’s detractors regularly refer to. In fact, in recent films avengersThanos uses a glove set with power stones, which when combined, allow the holder to wield a weapon of unlimited power.

The “Head of Twitter” fire employees

Last Thursday, when Elon Musk took control of the company, he dissolved the board of directors, fired executives, took the position of chief executive and delisted the company from the stock exchange. Shortly after the layoffs were announced, Twitter employees took to the social network to express their job cuts, sometimes using the hashtags #LoveWhereYouWork and #OneTeam. ).

A wave of dismissals that specifically affects some branches of the company, such as the one based in India, which inspires – again – a montage containing the effigy of Thanos. Managers, and the marketing and design departments seem to be particularly affected, according to an employee who contacted AFP, but wished to remain anonymous.

Elon Musk, who first named himself “Head of Twitter” (“twit” meaning “stupid” in English), then “Twitter hotline operator”Tesla developers were brought in on Friday to review the work of Twitter employees.

Therefore, the change in the corporate culture is confirmed, knowing that several executives resigned themselves this week and more than 700 people have already left this summer, of their own free will, according to an employee.

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