How to recruit IT experts on wage portage?

The IT sector (information technology or Information Technology in French) has been booming in recent years. Moreover, since the health crisis of 2020, this sector has experienced an unprecedented growth of 6.9%, according to a study conducted by Numeum. Companies around the world are moving towards digitizing their organizations, which has become essential to mitigate potential future crises and also meet market requirements. For this, companies should call on IT freelancers. Some turn to IT profiles of supported employees, which better suit their needs. Overview.

Benefit from salaried status while remaining independent

What is an IT consultant on wage portage?

An IT expert on wage portage is a self-employed person, specialist in information technology, computer science. This expertise covers, for example, the following professions:

  • Developers;
  • IT project managers;
  • Network architects;
  • testers;
  • Computer engineers with specialization (cloud computing, systems, etc.)
  • IT trainers;
  • etc.

Therefore, this IT consultant is an independent, to the head of his company, completely on his own. On the other hand, an IT expert in wage portage depends on a wage portage company as part of his missions. In this way, the professional is accompanied in the administrative management of his activity and his missions, his accounting while benefiting from the same advantages as an employee of a traditional company. Then he has social security coverage, sickness, retirement, can take days off, arrest if sick, etc. Workshops, training and advice are offered to the self-employed. The wage portage company charges management fees to the freelancer for the support it offers him on a daily basis.

So, an information technology specialist usually turns to a wage portage company that specializes in this field, which has a portfolio of customers with computer needs.

How to recruit an IT expert on wage portage?

To recruit an IT freelancer on wage portage, there are many options available to you. First, you can approach a wage portage company that specializes in IT professions by going to their website, like the Cegelem site, for example. Depending on your needs and your budget, the structure can offer you several IT profiles that are likely to meet your requirements and the missions to be carried out.

In fact, the wage portage company has a team of employees ready to intervene for missions. HR teams manage to recruit IT freelancers with great care, on an ongoing basis.

Once the initial connection has been made, you can choose the expert that best suits your professional project. Then, you will need to contractualize this partnership. This is the signing of a commercial contract that outlines the mission to be carried out:

  • Identity, skills, qualifications and areas of expertise of the freelancer;
  • Description of the service and the performance conditions of the employee brought;
  • End date of the service and, possibly, the minimum duration of the service when the term is indefinite and linked to the performance of the service;
  • Price of the service negotiated between the hired employee and his client;
  • Responsibility of the client company in the conditions of mission implementation;
  • Nature of personal protective equipment manufactured by the customer;
  • Identification of the financial guarantor of the wage portage company;
  • Identification of the insurer and the insurance number that guarantees the civil liability on behalf of the employee brought in the event of damage during the performance of the service.

Note that the wage portage company does not intervene in the negotiation of the price of the service, the details surrounding the mission. You negotiate these aspects with the IT freelancer. The mission starts on the set day.

What are the advantages of using a dedicated employee, IT consultant?

As a society, especially in this period of economic crisis, the use of a salaried employee, an expert in information technology, provides many advantages.

On the one hand, you can call a professional, expert in his field, for a certain time. This is useful when you know that a mission related to the development of a website, for example, is certainly expensive, but it is not necessary to hire a worker on a permanent contract. In this way, the client can call on great IT experts, hoping to get results that meet their expectations.
In addition, approaching a wage portage company is a guarantee of quality and saves time. These structures already do part of the work for you, namely finding and recruiting freelancers in IT professions internally. All you have to do is choose the professional that suits you best, with the assurance of using a freelancer pre-validated by the wage portage company. This time saving is also related to the fact that the wage portage company manages all the administrative work for the professional! Thus, the latter can focus on the important tasks of the mission without losing the signatures, the contract, the invoicing. He optimizes his working time, focusing exclusively on the mission, which is a plus for you, the client.

Finally, wage portage companies are staffed with recruiting experts who are familiar with IT jobs. They can only understand your expectations, your goals and therefore better determine the IT profiles adapted to your request.

Choosing an IT expert to wage portage is a source of significant advantages for a client company. Saving time, money, but also boosted efficiency, the new form of hybrid work is attracting more and more French companies. Specializing in all areas of wage portage activity, portage companies want to be closer to companies looking for professionals on an ad hoc basis.

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