“Having children helps me as an entrepreneur”, Coaching

Former manager then international director of marketing in American groups for thirteen years, you created your activity as a coach, personal and professional development 5 years ago. What motivated you to start?

During my employment, there were things that didn’t suit me anymore. There have been many successive reorganizations and a vision that has evolved over the months with different personalities and positions taken. I can’t really find any definition, while I expect the operation, the very concrete.

I really have this entrepreneurial spirit, with a strong desire to work anywhere. At that time, I had a child, and I was in the process of PMA (medically assisted procreation). The group I evolved into closed our area offices. So I took advantage of the collective redundancy, which allowed me to leave with a comfortable envelope to train me.

I started directly with a SASU, a status more suitable than micro-enterprise because I wanted to address companies from the beginning, which also offers the advantage of accessing assimilated employee status and de facto maternity leave administered by Social Security.

What were the difficulties experienced?

When I was an employee, I managed a network of more than 450 women in commercial functions. I mistakenly thought that my professional network would support me in my business creation project and introduce me to some contacts. That is not the case at all. We may be known, when we change jobs, people don’t know us for this new activity. Before they recommend us, it can take many months. So I had to do some prospecting and canvass companies, not without difficulty.

What works for me is word of mouth. People now recommend me to the companies they work for or where they are employees, which also allows me to intervene in the topics of getting a position, leadership and getting skills.

The other difficulty encountered when starting my activity was to find the right balance without feeling guilty. Feeling guilty about being with the kids when you have an urgent project to accomplish and vice versa. I also felt alone and especially in the beginning. Alone for administration, prospecting, business proposals, support, accounting… Alone for my questions.

I have learned to surround myself with people who have experienced the same situation, trusted partners to delegate and avoid toxic ones, either because they show their own fears back to me, or because they show their results, but not if what’s going on behind the scenes.

Have you ever had times when you almost broke down?

Absolutely. Mumpreneurship is not an obligation or a default option. It is a path that is sometimes very up, and down. There are still challenging moments of tears, sadness, anger, doubt, wages that are not fixed every month, but despite everything, I did not reach burnout. In case of difficulties, I tell it to my relatives, to my wife who remains unconditionally supportive. I need to exteriorize.

What drives me is that I’m sure I belong, I love what I do. I no longer wait for the holidays to experience extraordinary moments because I am able to create them throughout the year with my children, my relatives and also with my clients. Mumpreneurship takes courage, resilience and perseverance, but it can also be easy!

What are your tips for remaining a perfect working mum?

I need a framework, but to be free within this framework. The first key is to have a vision that takes us beyond making money. The only consequence is money. It’s also important to surround yourself and invest in partnerships that make us lighter and less expensive. For example, I work with one freelancer who does my invoices and another who takes care of the customer experience.

Having children helps me as an entrepreneur : when I don’t dare to take action to develop my business, I think about what beliefs I want to pass on to my children. Telling them is not enough. On the other hand, by putting this message, it creates proof that it is possible.

Another important element: unplug your brain and have something other than business, hobbies that allow you to have moments for yourself, in your relationship. I do contemporary dance and like to organize weekend dinners with friends. I also often go for walks and take care of myself in the middle of the day, doing my hair or getting a massage for example. Therefore, it is important to know what makes us happy.

I also set up a morning ritual. I got up an hour before everyone else at home. Just one hour for me. Not to take care of the laundry, not to tidy up, but to listen to personal development podcasts, meditate, draw, or my 10,000 steps a day. Note that I am reading or doing activities to go feed me before coming to enrich my business, even though the two are related. As if by chance, it is unusual for inspiration to come exactly at this time.

Isn’t organization key too?

As I work from home, the trap to avoid is thinking that my business is less important than my wife’s client appointments. Even though we don’t have the same salary, we each have our own roles and participate in different household chores. I stopped giving tasks to each other. We have a weekly board where everyone can see which missions belong to them. For everyone to validate this table, we set up a Sunday ritual. Every Sunday, at the end of the day, we have a kind of family “council” with the children where everyone expresses what they liked about the week, what they want to change, what they are proud of, what what he wants to improve. .

Do you consider yourself a superheroine?

Not allowed. Sometimes I’m not as good a mother and companion as I’d like to be. I make mistakes, then I adjust. But I make the best use of my strengths, recognizing my qualities, without diminishing them, which allows me to move forward. What I can’t do, I delegate. I have ambitions, I assume them and I pursue things.

My dream is to promote Raise Yourself modules, based on coaching and energy, at all times of life, especially in public schools: elementary, college, high school, but also in higher education and in companies. to get up and achieve your dreams no matter what. where do you start?

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