Furious, Elon Musk lashed out again on Twitter

News hardware Furious, Elon Musk lashed out again on Twitter

While billionaire Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover has finally been sealed, many public figures have spoken about future changes in the social network. This is the case of Democratic parliamentarian Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who returned to the $8/month subscription to certify her account.

Elon Musk wants to radically change Twitter …

As soon as the social network was bought from the blue bird, Elon Musk announced drastic changes in Twitter’s usage policy. After announcing a potential layoff of 75% of the workforce and fired CEOs, Elon Musk spoke about the possibility of a Twitter subscription.

After announcing a subscription at $20 per month to have the honor of displaying a small blue badge next to his nickname, Elon Musk reconsidered this decision after a very brief exchange with the successful novelist Stephen King . Rates have dropped to $8 per month, but there are major concerns.

Twitter certification is the only way to concretely verify a user’s identity behind an account. With this small logo, we can be sure to address the right person, an important thing especially for public figures (politicians, celebrities, etc.). With the possibility of certification by paying a subscription, this function can be completely lost because anyone can display this logo.

By announcing a new Twitter based on “freedom of expression”, the billionaire has made new enemies because this freedom can be based on fake news or even fraudulent accounts because they are not manu -manually verified. by a moderator (since they were removed) .

Prominent parliamentarian Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke about these new changes that could disrupt the way Twitter works.

A man bought a business for $44 billion that now asks people to pay $8 each. Remember this the next time you have doubts about your qualifications.

Following this tweet, Elon Musk, frustrated, responded with an image showing us a sweater the parliamentarian is selling for $58 for his political party’s merchandising.

The Democrat quickly responded that he was proud to sell this type of product at this price because all the employees behind the creation of these clothes are unionized, paid well, have access to social security and don’t have to suffer racism in their businesses. And that the price is reasonable because all the products are created in the United States.

…And a quick curtailment of “freedom of expression”

A day after the Democratic parliamentarian discovered with astonishment that his Twitter feed had been slightly altered.

Yo Elon Musk, can I get your attention? Why should people pay $8 to have their app blocked when they say something you don’t like? This is what my app looks like from my tweet that irritated you yesterday. That doesn’t sound like “free speech” to me.

Alexandria Occasion-Cortez completely lost her notifications for a while. Nothing indicates that these are indeed the actions of Elon Musk, but if this childish answer really comes from the imagination of the richest man in the world, we have the right to ask questions about this “freedom of expression” that he loves so much . to see the born on the social network…

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