5 hybrids (and plug-in hybrids) are not to be missed

The electrification of the car fleet started a long time ago, with the first generations of Toyota Prius (1997) or Honda Insight (1999). Simple hybrid models, including the electric motor, powered by a small battery and thermal support, have made it possible to lower consumption and CO2 emissions.

Then came the rechargeable hybrids, which with their larger batteries, made it possible to drive several tens of kilometers on 100% electric. Their drawback, they need to be recharged in a socket, while simple hybrids recharge on their own, while driving or braking.

In the video, 5 hybrids and rechargeable hybrids are not to be missed at the 2022 World Cup

The 5 hybrids (and plug-in hybrids) not to miss – Live video from the 2022 Paris Motor Show

These vehicles are a kind of transition between thermal and 100% electric, or even the third way. And if manufacturers are now investing in electricity, forced by the ban on the sale of thermal models (including hybrids) in 2035.

So at this year’s Paris Motor Show, what are the 5 models not to miss, that are still hybrids, or rechargeable hybrids? Here’s our pick.

The hybrid Dacia Jogger

The 5 hybrids (and plug-in hybrids) not to miss - Live video from the 2022 Paris Motor Show

Dacia presents on its stand not a full hybrid Jogger, but on the one hand the thermal Jogger, and on the other, a hybrid engine, which will be installed here very soon.

This block comes from the Renault organ bank, and has been fitted, for example, to the Clio and the Arkana. It consists of a 91 hp 1.6 thermal 4-cylinder, and two electric motors, one used for traction, 48 hp, and a 20 hp alternator starter used to start the engine and change the gears of the dog box . In the Jogger, the combined power will be 140 hp, against 145 for the Clio and Arkana.

We do not yet know what the consumption and emissions of the future Jogger hybrid will be, but it should not be more than the Renault cousins, around 4.5 liters and 105 grams per km.

The restyled DS 7

The 5 hybrids (and plug-in hybrids) not to miss - Live video from the 2022 Paris Motor Show

Just restyled, and losing the name “Crossback” in passing, the DS 7 has, in addition to a single 130 hp diesel, 3 rechargeable hybrid engines, generating 225, 300 or 360 hp.

All of them are based on the 1.6 Puretech 4-cylinder engine. In the case of 225 hp, it is paired with a 110 hp electric motor in the gearbox. The 300 and 360 hp versions became 4×4 models, thanks to the addition of a second 113 hp electric motor on the rear axle.

With the restyling, the traction battery saw its capacity increase from 11.9 to 12.9 useful kWh, which made it possible to slightly increase the autonomy to 100% electric.

Prices include, for these PHEV versions, between €53,900 and €78,400.

The Peugeot 408

The 5 hybrids (and plug-in hybrids) not to miss - Live video from the 2022 Paris Motor Show

Peugeot’s big novelty came to the market with a small 1.2 Puretech of 130 hp, and then 2 plug-in hybrids, at 180 or 225 hp. The system is the same as that used by the DS, with the 1.6 Puretech as the thermal base, and a 110 hp electric motor located in the gearbox.

Autonomy in 100% electric mode has not yet been announced because it has not been approved, but we know that the battery has a capacity of 12.4 kWh, which according to our estimates should offer it around sixty km.

Prices range between €45,450 and €50,600 for these PHEV versions.

The Renault Arkana

The 5 hybrids (and plug-in hybrids) not to miss - Live video from the 2022 Paris Motor Show

Renault lagged behind in the hybrid, but now offers several full hybrid models. This is the case of the Arkana, which has everything to be found in the Clio, and soon in the Dacia Jogger. Therefore it is an atmospheric 1.6 of 91 hp, supported by a 48 hp electric motor for traction, and a 20 hp alternator starter.

It is equipped with a 4-speed dog gearbox for thermal, and 2-speed for electric, called “multimode”. Its announced consumption is 4.7 liters per 100 km, for 105 grams of CO2 released per km.

Prices: from €32,800 to €38,300.

The Renault Austral

The 5 hybrids (and plug-in hybrids) not to miss - Live video from the 2022 Paris Motor Show

Renault’s great novelty, the Austral, comes to the market with only electrified engines. Let’s leave aside the 1.2 130 and 1.3 160 hp micro-hybrids, which we don’t consider true hybrids.

But let’s look at the whole hybrid blocks. They are two in number. A 200 hp, available from launch, and a 160 hp, which will be available to order soon.

The thermal base is a new 3-cylinder 1.2 that will develop 130 hp. And it is assisted by a 50 kW electric motor that can drive the wheels, and an alternator starter responsible for starting the thermal engine and transferring reports of the “multimode” dog box, which in Austral won a report compared in Si Clio and the Arkana, now 5 for the thermal side, and still 2 for the electric.

For the 200 hp variant, consumption is announced at 4.5 liters per 100 km and emissions at 102 grams per km.

Prices are between €40,700 and €44,900 for the 200 hp version, the 160 hp is only available in the mid-range Techno finish, at €39,900.

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