What is a freelance model maker in 3D patronage?

Become a freelance modeler in 3D patronage

If you have a clothing project, you should definitely work with a 3D modeler to create the patterns for your future models.

You will find many expert sites like estherbancel-lab.com that will allow you to have a first view of your project either in 2D or 3D.

In this article, you will learn about the profession of freelance model maker in 3D patronage.

Freelance modeler in 3D patronage, what is it?

First of all, it is important to remember that pattern making is one of the most important tasks when creating a garment. In a sewing workshop, the pattern maker is the stylist’s right arm because they work in close collaboration. In fact, the stylist makes sketches so that the designer can create a pattern for the future clothing collection.

Today, the patterns of clothes are made in 3D using a computer, on the other hand, in haute couture, the design of a pattern is carried out by molding a mannequin. Making a pattern is not the only job of the pattern maker, because he also has to take care of the gradation, which allows the patterns to be arranged in all sizes. In fact, the first pattern is made in a single size, then the model maker must reject it in all sizes. This work requires a lot of skill, so it’s important to practice to make quality patterns.

In essence, the stylist imagines a garment and the designer brings it to life. In the production line of a garment, the pattern maker is important because he reviews the designer’s sketch and creates a pattern to create a made-to-measure garment. Therefore, the pattern maker is one of the most important professions in the world of fashion.

How to become a freelance model maker in 3D patronage?

3D patronage is a technique where patterns are created using software. To become a 3D modeler, you must follow a training course to acquire all the techniques for creating a pattern in electronic form. In France, there are many training courses that will allow you to learn this profession, and to do this, specialized schools offer to train you online or within their establishment. In addition, you can also gain first-hand experience by taking courses with fashion professionals. Throughout France, there are many sewing workshops that can welcome you and introduce you to this profession, so it is possible to participate in courses in cities such as Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, Bordeaux, etc.

The easiest way to become a 3D model maker is to start with a fashion trades CAP and then continue with a Bac Pro and a BTS with the same name. To gain as much experience as possible, you can also take training to get a specialization certificate in fashion, styling and model making.

All these trainings will allow you to become a qualified professional, in addition to that, do not forget that salaries increase according to your experience.


What are the main characteristics of a 3D modeler?

Clothing pattern modeling, whether done by hand or through software, is an art. The designer is a professional who is passionate about fashion and design. To make patterns, you need to have a good drawing level, this is important.

The designer is a technician and creator who must transcribe the image that the brand he works for wants to convey. As a result, he must fully master the various fabrics as well as the manufacturing equipment. He is also a perfectionist, strict person with a lot of imagination.

Why hire a freelance 3D modeler?

If you want to make clothes, you should contact a pattern maker to design your patterns, this is important. In addition to having model making knowledge, this professional can also give you advice on the design of your future clothes. Thanks to the techniques and knowledge of the model maker, you will create a wonderful collection of clothes.

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