Twitter propelled my career but I want to leave the social network, here’s why

In the long run, having a Twitter account can be beneficial because this social network has the power to change lives. 10 years ago, I entered Twitter thanks to a hashtag, #solidarityisforwhitewomen (which can be translated into French as “#LaSolidaritéEstUneAffaireDeFemmesBlanches”), and the social network had a huge impact on my career. It gave me access to a global audience and connected me to publishers who helped me go from being hype online to becoming a published author whose books made it onto the New York bestseller list. Times.

However, in recent years, my use of Twitter has decreased significantly. I tweet 500 times a day. Then it’s 500 times a week. And now ? I post less than 500 tweets per month. For me, Twitter has gone from being a space for socializing to a place where I’m not used to more than any real interest or need. Now I spend more time on TikTok, Instagram or in private groups than on Twitter. I can tell you that it is because of the harassment that exists in this social network or because of the lack of time. That’s partially true, but the truth is I don’t even need to be on Twitter to hear.

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter has raised many questions

If Twitter shuts down tomorrow, I’ll definitely be shocked and disturbed by the news for a while, but then I’ll move on to another platform. Or another option: I can stick to the social networks I frequent and where I feel comfortable, without them taking up too much space in my life.

I guess I’m not the only one who feels this way right now. After months of negotiations, speculation and attacks, Elon Musk has formalized his acquisition of Twitter. A takeover that raises many questions for Internet users: will Twitter remain free? Will the changes in adoption policy make life harder for leftists or liberals? Does bluebird owe a bastion of security for the far right or will it sink like so many other platforms on the right? Will Twitter become a digital billboard for Tesla cars? Only time will allow us to have answers to all these questions and more. For those who have used Twitter to develop themselves or to boost a career or simply network, the real question is: where do we go now?


Elon Musk has no idea how to make Twitter a ‘healthy’ platform

Twitter has been overtaken by TikTok and Instagram

Of course, in theory, we could stay on Twitter, but realistically, moving to another platform is also a possibility. As a social network, Twitter is losing its relevance. Many digital content creators are now focusing on TikTok and Instagram. Like Facebook, Twitter stopped being cool when its core user base grew big enough to care more about paychecks and loan rates than pop culture. Of course, some of us took to Twitter to debrief “Scandal” live, to dissect “Game of Thrones” or even discuss politics. And for many, Twitter is useful for work, not just play. But it has value whether it’s being harassed by trolls or simply tired of the thought of controversy of the day. Some people have lost jobs or relationships because of what they posted online. For others, the harassment continued beyond the social media sphere.

When you’re a semi-public figure, you’re always at risk: after all, while the attention we get can be great, it can also be destructive. Having a digital identity is in many ways playing with your future because you never know the people or things you will meet.


Facebook has announced its plan to take you into the metaverse

It’s true that my view of Twitter’s evolution has been shaped by my long history on the Internet. I got on Twitter thanks to LiveJournal, a blogging platform that officially died after being taken over by a Russian company called SUP Media. In the United States, it was already declining before SUP Media entered the scene. Internet users are already looking for platform alternatives like Twitter or Tumblr. At the time, we had no idea that Twitter would become such a major transition area.

But in the last two years, people have created accounts on Mastodon, Pillowfort and many others because, fundamentally, people are interested in the features of the platforms not their owners. The direction Twitter took was unpopular even before Elon Musk offered to buy the social network. Internet users who have used Twitter to run crowdfunding campaigns, organize protests, raise awareness of social issues, etc., have been struck in a way that the company seems determined to create features that facilitate in advertising and which, moreover, became more complex in networking.

It’s impossible not to wonder if what we’re witnessing today is the next big shift in Internet culture. As technology evolves, can one platform dominate the others by being the only one that matters or will we always be moving to greener lands as our needs change?

50% of large Twitter accounts don’t even use the platform anymore

Twitter has been a leader in its field for so long that it’s scary to think about the end of this type of microblogging. However, we see that more than 50% of large Twitter accounts don’t actually use it anymore. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. This always happens when a platform starts to fall.

Going viral like I did using hashtags in 2011 is something that may never happen again on another platform, but there is every reason to believe that virality is a permanent part of digital life. The moment of being an influencer has become a career choice and no longer a rare stroke of luck, it is really a warning for all platforms that seem too big to fail. If celebrities and content creators leave you, so will all other users. This is probably my most disconnected position from reality, but for me Elon Musk seems to have bought a ball and not a cultural reference.

The importance of Twitter five years ago cannot be overstated, but today, as we contemplate the possibility of a future without the bluebird, can this social network change people’s lives? an average Internet user who doesn’t devote his whole life to digital? Social media users who log out of Twitter go to other sites. Some of my friends include some I first met in AOL chat rooms in the 90s! They found me on other platforms for the simple reason that I created accounts there with my real name. For those who break into TikTok or YouTube, their audience will have no trouble finding them. However, not all content creators want micro-celebrity. Many will get what they need through social media and then gradually build their careers online.

For many users, social media is a tool to get things, but not a place to live one’s life. In many ways, Twitter’s immense popularity is based on our ignorance of its potential effects. But what now that we know? I’m not sure that Twitter has become so necessary that we’re ready to continue the price. Elon Musk may have profited from his purchase but even he seems to suspect that Twitter is dying. And even if he thinks he can bring her back to life, you have to keep in mind that nobody likes zombies.

Tribune by Mikki Kendall, translated from English by Kozi Pastakia. Mikki Kendall is a writer, feminist and author of “Hood Feminism”.


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