7 tools to create your videos: editing, special effects, subtitles…

The video format is now an integral part of communication strategies. Particularly valued on websites and social platforms, it can achieve several goals: animate social networks, present a product, show the backstage of an event… There are so many possibilities that show that it is becoming important for brands. to learn how to make videos easily.

In this sense, we offer you a selection of tools that you need to know to quickly edit video, whether you are a beginner or at a more advanced level.

Tools for video editing

Have you filmed one or more sequences and want to make a video? For this, you will need to go through a video editing tool. It allows you especially to assemble your different rushes, to cut your videos, to add transitions or to change the colorimetry of the plans to create a general harmony.

There are video editing tools accessible to neophytes such as:

  • iMovie: intended for owners of Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac),
  • DaVinci Resolve: free editing software that is easy to learn, but also offers advanced functions,
  • CapCut: a solution particularly suitable for videos intended to be published on social networks, available through your web browser or on mobile (Android and iOS applications),
  • InShot: a particularly easy-to-use mobile application (Android and iOS) to edit videos from your smartphone.

If you already have video editing skills, you can move on to more advanced software such as Vegas Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, or Final Cut Pro (available on macOS only).

Solutions for incorporating special effects

To add a touch of originality or more dynamic, you can bet on including special effects in your videos. For this, there is software dedicated to special effects, such as After Effects, which is part of the Adobe suite. Note that this tool is specifically aimed at professionals who have already mastered video editing.

You can also rely on animation software, which allows you to create 2D or 3D animations, thus giving your videos more comfort.

Platforms to add subtitles to your videos

Many Internet users watch videos without sound. This is why it is important to add subtitles to your videos, if they include an interview or voice-over for example. Thus, you ensure better accessibility to your video, but also better performance.

On the other hand, adding subtitles manually is a rather time-consuming task, and can be very time-consuming. To be more effective, you can use subtitling software: you just need to import your video into the tool, so that it automatically turns the lyrics into text. Of course, you have the possibility to adjust the text if necessary. Note that some software also offers a translation function, which can be very useful for videos shared around the world.

Here’s our selection of subtitling tools that will let you add text to your videos with ease:

Solutions for incorporating sound into your videos

Video plans, special effects, subtitles… There is one last ingredient to choose from to make a quality video: the soundtrack. And yes, music plays a very important role in a video, to create a special atmosphere or convey more emotions.

But sometimes it is difficult to find the right music (while respecting the notion of copyright), and obviously not everyone is a musician to create their own soundtracks… Fortunately, there are tools that offer royalty-free . music, such as Auboutdufil, Unminus or Upbbeat. You’ll find pieces of music as well as sound effects that can be used as part of a personal project or for commercial purposes.

Then, to assemble and adapt your music and sound effects to the sound of your video, feel free to use audio editing software. Among the most popular solutions, we find free tools like Audacity and GarageBand, or paid ones like Adobe Audition. Some software also offers to create your own soundtrack, with a library of instruments integrated directly into the editor.

Video bank platforms

When you have a limited budget, or tight timing, sometimes getting several different video sequences is complicated. To help you illustrate your points, there are video banks that offer royalty-free clips, related to various themes: education, health, nature, sports, business… Often, you also have choice of different formats (16:9 , vertical, square).

You can access free video banks such as Coverr, Pixabay or Pexels. But if you have more important or more specific needs, you will have to turn to paid tools (most often working with credits) such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock or Getty images.

Screen recording solutions

Want to include video screenshots in your edit? Possible! Using a screen recording tool can be very useful in the context of video tutorials, or to demonstrate products for example.

There are free tools, such as Screenity (Chrome extension) or Veed.io Screen Recorder (accessible through your web browser), that allow you to record your screen alone, or combine record your screen and your camera together.

For more important needs, you can rely on the freemium tool RecordCast, which allows you to capture your screen, then edit the recording by adding, for example, text, images or other video.

Video compression tools

Once your video is finished, there’s one final step: exporting. However, some social platforms impose a certain format (MP4, MOV, AVI, etc.) and a file size that must not be exceeded. Obstacles that can be a real headache, due to the sometimes significant weight of some videos.

Therefore, it seems interesting to rely on a video compression tool, which will allow you to convert your video to the appropriate format, or reduce the size of your final file, without compromising the quality of your video. There are free tools like TinyVid, Video Candy or CompressorVideo.fr. Also note that some video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro include video conversion and compression options directly.

Note: to find out which video formats are accepted on different social networks (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.), you can rely on our complete guide.

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