5 tips for getting started as a freelancer

The 5 main steps to become a freelancer and get started with peace of mind

Being a freelancer has its pros and cons.

The freelancer working as a freelancer and taking care of his activity alone. He has no employees or employers. He manages a micro-enterprise or a small business that he himself must develop.

Becoming a freelancer is an attractive solution for professional retraining or career reorientation.

By being auto entrepreneur, or your own company boss, you hold freedom. You are in charge of your business, you are in charge of your schedules and your workload.

But for succeed as a freelancer, it is better not to skip steps. Before submitting your resignation and leaving your job as an employee, we invite you to ask yourself the right questions.

1. Know your activity and define your skills

What services do you WANT to offer? What services can you provide? These are the first two questions to ask yourself whenever you want start freelancing.

There are two profiles of micro-entrepreneurs:

  • people practice their original profession as a freelancer;
  • who makes a conversion and who change the industry.

In the first case, you already master the Professional skills work alone without going through the training box.

In the second case, being your own boss implies professional retraining.

Conducting a skills assessment, contacting mentors and discussing your project with retraining players will help you find training and learn new skills.

Questions to ask yourself before becoming self-employed

  • Why do I want to be a freelancer?
  • What are my skills?
  • What can I do?
  • What are my desires?
  • What subjects do I want to do?
  • Who do I want to work with?
  • Do I need to learn new skills?
  • What training will help me become truly independent?

2. Face your fears

Self-employment is scary. This is the big leap.

It’s normal to be scared when starting out as a freelancer. The impostor syndromelimiting beliefs, fear of failure, the anxiety of not having a stable and sufficient salary are the majority of entrepreneurs.

The second step for become a freelancer is to overcome these fears. The best way to achieve this is to to join you.

Companion, even of a community, a training for freelancers or a professional coach, helps you overcome your fears to move forward in your new professional life. Get out of your comfort zone, but with a safety net.

3 tools to overcome your fears of becoming an entrepreneur

1. The Digi Atlas training to become a freelancer: join a community of entrepreneurs who have started and share your fears. You also have mentors with you who answer your questions and help you find solutions.

>> Discover training on how to become a freelancer and find assignments.

2. Examination ! You don’t have to quit your job overnight and become a micro-entrepreneur right away. Use your permanent or fixed-term employee status to test your offer and find your first customers.

3. Find the meaning : why do you want to become a freelancer? Do you dream of a better living environment? Are you looking for work/personal life balance? Remembering why you want to be independent will help you maintain your determination.

3. Refine your offer

That’s it, there you are, sure, you start as a freelancer.

You know in which activity you open your own business (or your EURL, SASU, EIRL… find out how to choose your legal status to work as a freelancer).

All you have to do is refine your offer.

For this you can:

  • perform a market research and view offers and services available;
  • study your competitors to understand the services they offer;
  • specialize in an area of ​​expertise.

New freelancers tend to believe that if they remain generalists in their business, they will reach more clients.

This is not the case. belts, find a suitable placemeaning a specialty, you are raised asexpertassuring your customers of your knowledge and enabling you charge more.

When you have a toothache, see a dentist, not a doctor, because he is a specialist. You won’t lose customers because you specialize in one area, on the contrary.

You will attract more qualified prospects in your niche who are ready to buy your solution to their problem.

4. Test your offer on the market and customers

Now that your offer is ready, all you have to do is test it.

For be self-employed and successfulyou must ensure that your offer is in line with the needs of the market and the needs of the customer.

Launching your self-employed activity while remaining in your position as an employee is reassuring. Your risks are less.

Freight forwarding is also a great way to start freelancing while enjoying the benefits of employment. You contribute to unemployment insurance, you work for a client company (a payroll company) and you negotiate your rates.

It’s the freedom of self-employed status combined with the benefits of employee status.

5. Create your online presence

The Internet gives you more visibility. And who says visibility, says more customers (in theory).

Creating an online presence is a great way to find customers, search for freelance jobs and sign benefits.

Creating a presence on the web and in social networks can be learned.

The Digital Marketing is an effective solution to stand out and increase your online visibility.

How to be successful in digital marketing?

The training is the best way to succeed in your digital marketing. When you practice marketing, you benefit expert advice and an accompaniment.

Self-taught learning is possible, but longer and more tedious. To have quick results and above all avoid time-wasting mistakes, follow a digital marketing training is a real plus.

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Tips for building your freelance activity (and getting your business off the ground)

It is not enough to choose your independent structure, to open your own business and work as a freelancer. Now you need to find jobs and clients.

How to do it?

The looking for is not the favorite part of entrepreneurs. However, this is a necessary step to grow your business.

Fortunately, there are ways to make prospecting enjoyable and, more importantly, more comfortable. Digital marketing is, again, the most effective solution for attract businesses, individuals and find freelance assignments.

Surround yourself with the right people

The key for grow your freelance business is to surround yourself with the right people.

Again, support, business groups and community training are the best ways to network and find customers.

>> Join the Digi Atlas community and get your business off the ground.

Create a website

When you have a question and no one answers, where do you go? On the Internet.

80,000 queries were typed every second on Google.

Create a website that shows your offers and your activity will help you find assignments… Without searching! You naturally attract customers to you.

To succeed in existing in the mass of requests and websites, there are methods, such as natural identification (SEO), advertising (SEA)…

A somewhat barbaric universe can seem daunting and time-consuming. But it becomes much simpler when you have the right tools.

>> Your toolbox to develop your website with WordPress (I promise, it’s easy).


Be current on social networks

No secret, the social networks is a very effective way to increase your online visibility and therefore to develop your freelancing activity.

The idea is to choose a social network, preferably one where your target is located, and regularly publish content around your theme.

The purpose of create your online presence in social networks is to explain what you do, how you do it, and show the results.

The more visible your offerings and your expertise are, the more your prospects will trust you and the more likely they will buy your product. So you can charge more, and that’s just what we want!

Develop your network

To find interesting missions, you should talk about your activity, make it visible online and in real life.

Talk about your business, talk about what you do. Maybe your cousin knows someone who knows someone who needs your services.

We underestimate the power of the network, of word of mouth, as it remains the most effective acquisition channel for finding customers, just like when looking for a job.

“But I don’t have time to do all that!” »

You didn’t decide to go freelance to sacrifice your personal life. This is normal.

Yes, building your box and being self-employed takes time, especially in the beginning. It’s the first months of building your business that are time-consuming.

But if these steps are taken properly, the results will last. Creating a site under WordPress, for example, may seem tedious, but if it is well referenced, you won’t need to canvass a single client.

Publishing Instagram posts takes time, but your community will bring you natural business and reassure your customers about your expertise.

So yes, the first steps of a free life is long, but it is to enjoy your freedom more then.

Become a freelancer today with the Digi Atlas Become a Freelancer and Find a Job training course.

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You know all the tips for becoming a freelancer… All you have to do is get started!

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