The shocking declarations of Zlatan Ibrahimovic on Kylian Mbappé, Karim Benzema, Paul Pogba and Pep Guardiola!

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We know him. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is not one to hold back when he has something to say. This Wednesday, he was on the microphone of Canal+ to discuss various topics and in particular some stars of French football. The AC Milan striker first mentioned the case of Olivier Giroud, a partner he wants to see with the Blues at the Qatari World Cup. “Yes, because he is a winner, a serious person. He’s not someone who will give you 40 goals a year, but he brings something to the team that few people bring. Because he is not self-centered on the pitch. He plays for everyone. And when he arrived, he gave the team a big boost. »

“What are they saying now (French journalists)? They lick Benzema’s ass?

Cash, Ibra is more than Karim Benzema. Asked about the Ballon d’Or received by the Real Madrid striker, the Swede believes that the French journalists have turned their jackets. And not just a little. “And now what are they (journalists) saying? Because if we go back, during the World Cup in Russia, I said that Benzema deserved to be selected and the French journalists attacked me. What are they saying now? They lick Benzema’s ass? I’m not afraid to say these words, because when I was in the beIN Sports studio, during the World Cup, they asked me about Karim. I said he deserved to be selected and they attacked me because France won the World Cup. Yes, but if France does not win this team, it is a failure. And now that he has won the Ballon d’Or, what is the media in France saying?

He’s not French, but Erling Haaland is also entitled to his verse from his Scandinavian counterpart. And obviously, Ibrahimovic appreciates the Manchester City giant. ” Yes a lot. I think he’s a very smart player. He doesn’t do things he can’t do. He doesn’t go down to get the ball. He doesn’t go down to make lucky charms. He waits in front of the goal and he kills them all. He reminds me of players like Inzaghi, Trezeguet, Bobo Vieri. This is a new version of these players”, he said, before putting a new tackle on Pep Guardiola. Is the Spaniard the man who can develop Haaland? “It depends on Guardiola’s ego, whether he will let him be bigger than him or not. »

Ibra broke the Mbappé clan

Along with Paul Pogba, Ibra shares the same agents. Suffice it to say that the Swede is very close to the French environment. So when Pogba was involved in an extortion case, Ibra couldn’t believe it. “It’s not a surprise, but a shock. Because it’s different. Not much to say. I hope this can be resolved in a fair way. And I hope Paul Pogba is fine, because that’s what matters. He is my friend and I know him well. But it was shocking. When it comes to money, you really know who people are. » Finally, it was Kylian Mbappé who took the final scud from Ibrahimovic. Asked about the extension of Bondynois at PSG, the Scandinavian giant did not mince his words towards the player, but also his entourage.

“If he made the right choice for him? No. For Paris? Yes. PSG, not Paris. He made the right choice for PSG, not for him. Because he put himself in a situation that was more important him than the club. And the club gave him the keys to that. But you’re not bigger than a club. But when a kid becomes strong, he can make money easily. So his parents become lawyers, agent, coach. From one thing, they become another. And that’s the problem. This is where you lose self-discipline and who you are. Now, with this new generation, parents, dads, moms whoever you want, they think they have become stars. They talk in the newspapers. But who do you think you are? Shut up and stay where you are. It’s up to your son to work and be disciplined. Mbappé, as a person, is not I know him very well. As a developer or, he is incredible. But when you lose discipline, you lose your identity. (…) There is a reason why Zidane is Zidane. Mbappé wants to imitate Zidane? That he begins to want to improve. » Said already!

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