How to find an external IT service provider?

The computer system occupies a place of choice in a company and should be managed by a qualified professional. Moreover, it is an emerging market in recent years with a growth of more than 15% compared to 2020 (Source: infodsi). Germany, Austria and Switzerland are among the largest consumers of external service providers ($1.1 billion). To perform security, update and maintenance tasks, contacting an external service provider is an interesting solution. But how to find it?

Where can I find an external IT service provider?

With the rise of telework and the generalization of smart work, several specialized platforms have been developed. They became important and presented themselves as a good market for outsourcing jobs. They bring IT freelancers together and put them in touch with project leaders (individuals or companies).

On an IT freelance platform, you can find experts with sought-after and innovative skills. Whether you need a PHP developer, designer, graphic designer, Java programmer… a professional can meet your expectations.

Some external service providers are also available on the LinkedIn network and classic ad sites. Others can interact directly from their portfolios. Of course, word of mouth is an interesting method.

NB: smart working is very similar to teleworking, except that it eliminates fixed working hours. It promotes collaboration, flexibility and achievement of goals, and targets employee productivity and fulfillment.

On what pillars should a freelance IT platform be based?

First, it is important to have an interest in the customer portfolio available on the platform.

“For example, our platform stands out for its large number (over 120,000) and diversity of external service providers. We select them carefully and ensure their expertise and rigor in carrying out the assignments. Our policy focuses on Key Accounts. said one of the managers of the Freelance Informatique platform.

Make sure the platform offers personalized support and assistance to customers, and offers them the possibility of interfacing their ERP (ideal for automatic distribution of their advertisements). This tool makes it possible to contact freelancers directly or take care of this work for them.

“Our porting service facilitates the management of compliance and administrative relationships of suppliers” added the manager.

You can find an IT freelancer in 48 hours on average on a specialized platform.

How to choose an external IT service provider?

The main criteria to consider are:

  • Proximity: for more practicality, IT freelance platform professionals are distributed in different cities. That’s why they quickly intervene in the company’s premises;
  • Procedure: they carefully study customer needs;
  • Suitability the services offered: their services are adapted to the customer’s expectations;
  • Visible : Every freelancer quotes the price of his services.

The IT freelancer is autonomous and operational. Because customers are looking for some technical skills more than others, they must fully master them:

  • System engineering;
  • Development (SAP, Angular, Java, etc.);
  • Network administration;
  • Assistance for project management;
  • DevOps;
  • Project management;
  • Web programming;
  • Website design;
  • HTML, CSS and Javascript.

here is some advice to ensure their abilities:

  • Study your CV;
  • Be interested in their involvement in the IT community;
  • Test your expertise during an interview;
  • Check his references.

The IT freelancer is the perfect external professional for carrying out missions. He has advanced skills and offers only customized services.

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