Download Adobe Express for Windows, Mac, Web, iOS, Android

Come and create logos, stories, flyers and images for your social networks using the Adobe Express application. A worthy successor to the Adobe Spark platform, it offers a wide selection of fonts, visuals and icons that allow you to create personalized content that suits you. To do this, Adobe completely changed the interface of Adobe Express, to offer a particularly intuitive and ergonomic software, which combines the essential tools necessary for the creation of web and mobile multimedia documents. The available content is rich, varied and perfectly suited to your projects.


True Pocket Designer, it requires the creation of a user account for its use. It will allow you to easily access all your documents and files, wherever you are. By choosing to download Adobe Express, you can access all of its iconic imagery and discover the latest content trends, ideas and tips. Here you’ll find many editing tools as well as hundreds of royalty-free images from the Adobe Stock collection, as well as Adobe Fonts, icons, backgrounds, and more. Available as a monthly or annual subscription, starting at €11.99/month, note that Adobe Express comes with a free 30-day trial version and 2 GB of storage space. By working with Adobe Express and Creative Cloud, you ensure a consistent visual identity thanks to integrated and shared libraries, templates and graphic charters.

Features of Adobe Express

To start a project, nothing could be simpler, just go to the Adobe Stock licensed library and choose from the proposed templates the one that perfectly represents your idea, your brand or your product. You can also start from a blank page and build your template from scratch. Once you’ve found your model, you’ll be able to start designing content and using the many tools at your disposal.

Within these tools are the many fonts you can use (over 20,000 high quality Adobe fonts). It allows you to change your text with the most suitable typography. The latter can be animated, in different colors and saved in GIF format at the end. If you choose to embed objects, you will have access to the following options: edit, delete, crop, resize, etc.

Downloading Adobe Express also allows you to apply beautiful photo effects with a few simple gestures. Easily place your subject on a clean background and use the background removal tool to remove unwanted elements. No need to manually crop your subject. When it comes to illustrations, there are many ways to combine design assets, such as icons, shapes, overlays, and frames. After selecting a group of images you like from the design assets, you can easily customize it with your own photos, images, and texts.

If you choose to add video, you can use the cutting tool included with Adobe Express. Easy to handle, it allows you to cut your clip by sliding the handlebar to the desired selection or manually enter time cuts. Quickly change the aspect ratio of your video, choosing a square, landscape or portrait size, then drag your video to fit the new format.

When you’ve finished your project, all you have to do is save your creation in JPG, PNG or PDF format and publish it.

The alternatives

If you don’t want to download Adobe Expresse, know that there are several graphic design software, starting with Canva. Also bringing together millions of users, it allows you to create compositions from photos, images or drawings and synchronize your files between different devices. It finds its audience in individuals, but also in companies that use the software for their marketing and communication media.

Another possibility is iMovie. Video editing software, it includes all the basic editing tools to adjust the parameters of a video, separate audio and video tracks, introduce a freeze frame, etc. Intuitive editing tool, it is aimed at both individuals and professionals.

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