Paris Motor Show: mixed reunion (1/2)

After the cancellation of the 2020 edition due to the health crisis, the Paris Motor Show returns to its audience from October 17 to 23. But the once largest motor show in Europe is now a shadow of its former self. With the departure of most of the manufacturers, the Paris exhibition had to reduce the airfoil in terms of surface area, and was satisfied with the presence of the brands of the Renault Group and a small part of the Stellantis, of which a handful were added of Chinese. manufacturers. So holding the meeting in 2024 seems almost compromised…

More than Covid or the depression in global automotive markets, it is mainly the manufacturers’ dislike for classic shows that has reduced their presence to a trickle. But unlike in Frankfurt, which has moved to Munich, or in Geneva, which will exile Qatar at the end of 2023, the Paris Motor Show has resisted, agreeing to reduce its duration to six days (instead of ten before ) .

Its organizers also announced a positive assessment, claiming more than 400,000 visitors on the side of the Porte de Versailles. And despite the limited number of exhibitors, they discovered some new products or international premieres, which Médias24 fully covers in this long article divided into three parts.

Renault: fireworks of concepts

Playing “at home”, Renault created a stir by presenting at least three new concepts, accompanied by a major novelty. The star of the Losange stand is the obvious concept Renault 4Ever Trophya study in style heralding the rebirth of the venerable 4L.

Long expected, the return of this rustic city car in 2025 will be in the form of a small 100% electric SUV, whose final design, already frozen, redefines the aesthetic identifiers of the 4L. On the menu: a grille that covers round headlights (here with LEDs), smooth edges, a third trapezoidal side window and a flat tailgate framed by small vertical LED taillights. The whole thing is decorated with an adventurer’s panoply (big bumpers, generous ground clearance, all-terrain tires, spare tire on the roof, shovel and sand removal plates on the tailgate, etc.), just to celebrate the 25 anniversary of the rally – raid “4L Trophy” held annually on Moroccan roads.

Another icon in the spotlight: the R5, which will return to the catalog in 2024, in a 100% electric version. It is represented on the Parisian stand by the R5 Prototype concept (released in 2021), but also by a radical variation: the Renault R5 Turbo 3E. A modern evocation of its namesake from the 1980s, this fun concept takes on a muscular look, that one would swear came from a video game, and even mechanical architecture with motorization in the rear center position. Except that the latter consists here of two electric motors of 380 hp, which allow the bombinette to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds. Nice surprise: Renault plans to produce this magnificent sports car in a small series.

A third concept that was put on the stand, the Renault Scenic Vision was announced in May, but made its first public appearance at the Paris show. Don’t be fooled by its relatively low silhouette, its opposing opening doors, its futuristic interior or its engine that combines an electric motor and hydrogen. This prototype actually depicts the transformation from 2024 of the compact MPV into an SUV equipped exclusively with electric engines.

The last animation of the stand is a model series: the Renault Austral, replacing the Kadjar, with the heavy task of repositioning the French brand in the compact SUV segment. Just marketed in Europe, it should put its wheels in Moroccan concessions in the fall of 2023.

Dacia: a “Manifesto” and the beginning of the hybrid

Instead of new models, the Dacia stand presented its entire renewed range, using the brand’s new identity. However, “family reunion” has two premieres. This is the first of all Duster limited series, christened Duster Mat Edition, celebrating two million copies of the SUV sold. This limited edition of 1,500 units is mainly distinguished by its matte gray paint, and will only be offered with the 150 hp 1.3 Tce petrol engine, with EDC automatic gearbox and 4×2 transmission. This means that the shade, which is very popular, is not available to us… at least for the moment.

More significant is the arrival of hybridization in Dacia, produced by the exposure of a Dacia Jogger hybrid. Derived from the Renault Clio E-Tech (not sold here), its “full hybrid” powertrain consists of a 1.6 liter petrol engine with an electric motor, for a combined power of 140 hp and an announced consumption of fuel of 4 .3 l/100 km. If no information has been filtered on the possible marketing of this version to us, we know that the 7-seater Crossover will enter the Moroccan market in mid-2023, with an indestructible 1.5 dCi Diesel under the hood .

The Parisian Mondial was also the occasion for the concept Dacia manifests, which was announced a few weeks ago, to do its first walkabout. As its name suggests, this futuristic buggy should incorporate new brand identifiers, aiming to definitely abandon its “low cost” image. In the program: square lines that emphasize stability, electric motorization and a range of solutions that promote simplicity and durability. As you can imagine, this concept has no commercial future, but some elements, such as recycled plastic, will be seen in the future Duster III, which is expected for 2024.

Alpine: last stand and visions for the future

At the Alpine stand, brand to be sold in Morocco in 2023, the show was conceptualized Alpine Alpenglow, announcing the appearance of the hypercar participating in the WEC World Endurance Championship in 2024. Powered by a hydrogen engine, this style study also gives some aesthetic hints about the brand’s future models, especially the horizontal light signature that takes up the entire width of the front. face Two variants of the A110 complete the stand of the Renault Group sports brand. First is the concept Alpine A110 e-Ternitypowered by two 380 hp electric motors, initiating a “zero emission” shift for the manufacturer.

In contrast, theAlpine A110R is a radical version of the berlinetta that appears as a last stand before the loss of thermal engines. Lightened, wearing carbon appendages and equipped with an ultra-sharp chassis and improved performance, it will also exist in a limited edition developed with Fernando Alonso… who will leave the team at the end of this 2022 season. Only 32 copies will be made , such as the number of F1 races won by the Spanish driver, and each will bear a plate mentioning the circuit and the year of victory.

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