Modification Tweet, Multimedia Content (August 2022)

We’ve known this for a few months now, especially with the rumors of Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover: a button for changing tweets is being considered. Twitter continues to work on this feature, but is also testing tweets that contain different media content. Let’s see what’s the latest development news from Twitter.

Twitter continues to test the tweet editing feature

The tests are going on editing tweets ! Whether it’s a good or bad addition, the arrival of this feature seems to be taking shape. Of course, we will probably have to wait for its launch or its testing on a larger scale to have the details of its use.

Anyway, you can see from the tweet below what an edited tweet should look like. It is important that this is clearly indicated to avoid malicious use.

In your newsfeed, you will therefore see the inscription “Last edited time – date” or “Last modified” in French. If a website embeds a tweet on their site, like the tweet you see above, the version will appear when embedding. A “See the latest version of the Tweet” button. will be listed to give users everything they need to know.

This feature isn’t the first time we’ve heard of it. Exams started in April. A few years ago there were also rumors about changes in tweets.

The test was only done on Twitter Blue users, the platform’s premium monthly subscription. So this could be a taste of the actual feature launch. In any case, this will be a good selling point for Twitter Blue.

Where is Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover?

Rumors of a takeover of the popular social network made headlines a few weeks ago. At the same time, we observed many feature tests (such as Twitter Notes or Search Subscribe) and also proposals by Elon Musk. In particular, he made a survey on the possibility of changing tweets.

According to its survey respondents, almost 3 out of 4 people would be in favor of a feature like this. However, even though the idea was “launched” by the billionaire, Twitter explained that the tests had nothing to do with him. Either way, they probably have nothing to do with him anymore, given the turn of events between Musk and Twitter.

In fact, Twitter initially filed a complaint against him for having it not stated in its redemption obligations. The lawyers of the blue bird explained that he signed a merger agreement in which he took all possible means to record the acquisition. Its waiver therefore led to this complaint.

All this has turned into a real soap opera, where everyone is trying to assert their interests. This August 1, Elon Musk decided to counterattack against Twitter by filing a complaint. He accused them of lying about their attendance figures, especially at fake accounts, which should cancel the acquisition if they represent more than 5% of the accounts. The story will follow…

Adding different multimedia content to a tweet?

Beyond the popular change of tweets, the American social network is also working on the possibility ofadd several different multimedia contents within a tweet.

Currently, on Twitter, you can add several photos at once, or just add a video or GIF. To create a suite of multimedia, video or other content, you need to work in the form of a thread.

Twitter seems to be working on a solution to this problem. Right now, these are very limited tests, but they should expand in the coming months. Moreover, they seem to be limited to mobile devices.

Twitter has actually confirmed to TechCrunch that they have been testing this feature for some time and on some accounts. The goal is to provide a way to mix up to 4 media (regardless of format) into 1 tweet. Twitter found that Internet users are increasingly using visuals in their conversations on the network. The tests are therefore intended to better understand how people use them (if they are offered the possibility).

This is not a feature that will fundamentally change the platform like editing tweets. Still, it’s an addition that makes sense in the evolution of ways Twitter is used. Brands and content creators can more room for their creativity.

Other ongoing feature tests on Twitter

In addition to the 2 main features we just discussed, Twitter has been working on developing and testing several other features over the past few weeks. Here are 3.

Adding tags to tweets (status tweets)

As seen on Reddit, you can add labels (or tags) to your tweets. Thanks to this, you can provide additional context in your tweets.

We are also in a testing phase limited to a few users, particularly in the USA and Australia.

First, it is possible to click on the status tweet tag, and therefore consult other tweets using this same label. They don’t seem to be editable.

CoTweets: co-creation of tweets

Twitter is working on setting up tweets written in collaboration. As you can see on Instagram, Twitter likes to offer its tweeters write tweets together. The tests were implemented at the beginning of July on a limited number of accounts, in the USA, Canada and Korea.

Note to add photo descriptions for accessibility

It will be possible within a few months to add a description of multimedia content published on Twitter, for visually impaired users (such as an Alt tag). Some content creators have made a habit of filling it out. However, this is not the case for everyone. So, Twitter has launched a test feature reminds the user to add a description when adding media in his tweet.

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