10 creative tools to boost your freelance activity

As you know, at Dans Ta Pub, our mission is to help you be more creative and boost your freelance projects. And for that, it is necessary to be well accompanied and have the best creative tools!

I’ve been freelancing for years as a Social Media Manager with agencies and advertisers. Over the course of 4 years, I discovered a whole host of tools that helped me with my various projects.

Today I will share with you those that, in my opinion, can save you a lot of time, help you to be organized and allow you to carry out your projects.

Moreover, you can discover the full selection of 300+ creative tools carefully selected by me, you will find everything you need to organize yourself, create content, get inspiration, etc.

Let’s go!

1. Webflow

We are no longer present Webflow which for me is the best CMS for website editing. It’s a code-free tool that allows you to create a landing page, a portfolio, an e-commerce… in short, everything you want to build a web activity.

Webflow is very intuitive and allows you to create a site in no time thanks to “drag and drop”.

It’s a must have if you want to create a site quickly and without hassle.

2. Concept

belief is the best tool for managing projects, taking notes, tracking clients, creating databases, and more. I use it daily for my freelance projects or to manage Dans Ta Pub and create content.

There are many templates available, created by the community or by Notion directly. The possibilities are huge and, once the tool is used, you can do a lot in project management.

3. Graphic River

Graphic River is the ultimate marketplace to find illustrations, logos, icons and other resources at lower cost. You can also purchase presentation templates, add-ons for Photoshop, Illustrator and more.

Edited by Envato Marketyou can also buy images, videos, audio, code and templates for your web projects.

In short, the most complete tool for finding creative resources.

4. Canva

can go is a fully online graphic design tool. It allows you to create simple or complex visuals and also offers many templates to make your work easier.

At an affordable price for the pro version (about 10€/month), can go is clearly the most interesting tool if you want to easily create content for your customers.

The little extra? You can collaborate on your creations as a team.

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5. craftwork

craftwork is a platform to find high-quality illustrations, icons and other creative resources. This is a tool that I especially appreciate because the visuals offered are of such good quality.

There is a wide variety of designs and you are sure to find what you are looking for for pimping your projects.

6. Buy Me Coffee

Buy Me Coffee is a tool that allows you to pay someone a virtual coffee. Give him some kind of bulk tip. This is a great way to generate some extra income if you create free internet content to promote your business.

Besides, if you want to give me a tip here.

7. TweetHunter

TweetHunter is my favorite tool for creating content on Twitter. As you know, when working as a freelancer, building your personal branding is essential to attracting clients.

TweetHunter allows you to schedule tweets, find inspiration to create content and analyze its performance.

If you want to go further in creating your personal brand, I wrote that too a guide to going from 0 to 5,000 Twitter followers and thus it is easier to get customers.

8. Lighten up

become famous is a neo-bank specializing in self-employed and small businesses. This is a solution I recommend when you want to professionalize your freelance creative activity.

It is very important to manage your finances properly and have an account dedicated to your activity to organize yourself and avoid finding yourself without money if you have a problem!

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9. Bio.site

Bio Site is a tool that allows you to create a “hub links” for your various links. So you can gather on one web page the links to contact you, your portfolio, your newsletter, your social networks, etc.

It is very practical to then put in the bio or in the email signature for example.

10. Calendar

Calendly, as the name suggests, is an online calendar that allows you to offer slots to your customers. They can choose the time they want depending on your availability.

Very practical for organizing meetings without having to worry too much and organizing your time!


As I told you in the introduction, I have also grouped in a list 300+ creative tools and resources which I tried and approved. It’s the perfect kit to boost your projects, save time and discover new ways of working.

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