The secrets of Tata electric, cheaper than Dacia Spring

The newspaper echoes the concerns of the European car industry, which takes a dim view of the arrival of cheap electric cars from China. What if there is something cheaper? What if India beats the cost prices of Chinese manufacturers?

This is suggested by the announcement made by Tata Motors — India’s second-largest automaker but the number one electric car maker — of marketing a small car that seems to offer all the attractions of a Dacia Spring with the same length ( 3.75 meters) , for less. Unveiled on September 28 in New Delhi, the Tata Tiago.ev is priced at 849,000 rupees (or 8.49 lakhs), equivalent to over 10,000 dollars and 10,587 euros. Dacia Spring starts at 19,800 euros, not deducting the ecological bonus.

Tata Motors benefits from cheap, skilled labor in India

The strongest thing is that the price on this floor is not obtained at the expense of the presentation of the car, which is rather attractive. The Tiago.ev is the 100% electric-powered variant of a beautifully designed small car, taking on the locally made Renault Kwid. Tata Motors has denied aiming for the lowest possible selling price. No doubt burned by the bitter failure of its mini Nano car (simplified to the point of difficulty), the manufacturer tried not to make its car difficult. Tiago.ev offers some refinements, such as this touch screen and connected.

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