Is the Dacia Sandero the only city car that saves money every day?

As electrification gains momentum, there is little room for simple, inexpensive small cars. But contrary to popular belief, the Dacia Sandero is not the only option that meets these criteria. Here are two more, in addition to the unmissable Romanian.

1. The Dacia Sandero: from €10,990

The Dacia Sandero.© Dacia

It’s a bit repetitive, we agree, but it’s impossible to talk about an economical city car without starting with the Dacia Sandero. The most sold car among individuals, it is him. And that is evident, the Romanian offers a lot for its money. Well presented – especially in the Stepway, from €14,600 –, well built and very spacious, this 3rd generation has a sense of hospitality. In addition, the Dacia Sandero does not forget to be comfortable and offer good performance on the road… except for its raucous noise level on the motorway.. To be properly equipped, you have to rely on the Expression finish, shown from €13,100.

But its strength is mainly due to its bi-fuel LPG. Previously shown at the same price, this technology now incurs a slightly additional purchase cost compared to the TCe 90. Around €700, excluding the Essential finish. But this one pays off quickly because the price at the pump of LPG is two times lower than unleaded 95. Not forgetting that it is a bi-fuel and the Dacia Sandero has 2 tanks and it runs regardless of one or the other fuel. It also allows you to go further as the car consumes all the LPG first before consuming the gas, all without any intervention on your part.

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The strength of Dacia Sandero

  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio
  • Suspension comfort
  • Spacious cabin and trunk
  • Clear ergonomics

The weak point of Dacia Sandero

  • Highway noise
  • The boot sill is less protected
  • Limited engine range

2. The Suzuki Swift: from €16,290

The Suzuki Swift.
The Suzuki Swift.© Suzuki

It’s certainly not what you think of when buying a city car, but the Suzuki Swift deserves your attention. A good boil, four real seats in a small frame (3.85 m) and the right benefits, this is the recipe for this Japanese that we don’t see anywhere else. Its prices have grown a little since using a micro-hybridization. But, at €16,290, with decent equipment (air conditioning, adaptive cruise control, etc.), this Japanese car is all the more convincing because it’s gifted around town. This is less true on the road, where the 83 hp of the small 1.2 l is less proud. Fortunately, the contained weight maintains performance. Another good point, Suzuki Swift offers always reassuring behavior on the road. On the other hand, we regret that the suspension lacks softness. But that flaw doesn’t have to put you out of his way.. Just know that the replacement is expected for 2024.

The strength of the Suzuki Swift

  • Price-service
  • Simple and effective ergonomics
  • 3 year warranty

The weak points of Suzuki Swift

  • Strong suspension
  • Electricity is a bit tight on the road
  • End of the race

3. The Fiat Panda: from €12,590

The Fiat Panda.
The Fiat Panda.© Fiat

Fiat Panda stands out in car manufacturing. Realize that the little Italian appeared in the Fiat range in 1980 and the one in front of you is the… only the third generation! For more than ten years she has been walking in her unique silhouette. Admittedly, its services are dated and therefore it is necessary to deal with a chassis, soundproofing and comfort from another era compared to competitors. However, the little Fiat Panda still asserts itself as one of the cheapest cars in the city, especially since it often benefits from big discounts. In other words, because it shows proven reliability, it is possible as a 2nd or 3rd car. Long available on LPG with a 4-cylinder, the Fiat Panda now only offers a modest 3-cylinder 1.0 mild-hybrid. Enough for short distance trips. Finally, the Fiat Panda remains available in 4×4 (Cross, pictured here) and, at €14,090, the cheapest all-wheel drive on the market!

The strength of the Fiat Panda

  • Being compact
  • Calmness
  • Negotiable rates
  • Proven reliability

The weak points of the Fiat Panda

  • Reduced comfort and services on the road
  • Limited micro-hybridization

Published on 02/10/2022 Updated 02/10/2022 François Lemaur and the editorial staff

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