How to Schedule a Twitter Thread?

If you’re a follower of Jack Dorsey’s social network, you’ve probably published at least one thread to your subscribers (or plan to do so soon). Did you know it’s possible to schedule entire Twitter threads for posting at a later time? Here’s how to do it in minutes with the help of this tool is dedicated to Twitter.

What is a Twitter Thread?

A thread on twitter is a chain message consisting of multiple tweets.

It allows you to tell a story or develop an argument longer than the classic format of a tweet, while staying within the character limits imposed by the social network.

just like this, Twitter threads are a series of tweets that follow each other and are self-answering.

How to create a thread on Twitter (without a tool)?

Creating a thread on Twitter is very simple : simply reply to your own tweet by adding a series of additional tweets.

Every tweet must begin with a mention of @username, where username is the username of the account you want to create the thread for (understandably, yours).

How to schedule a Twitter thread?

Creating a thread is therefore very simple, but programming it is not offered natively by Twitter or Tweetdeck.

So, if you want schedule a thread for later postingthe only option you have is to go with a pro tool that offers this functionality.

In this article, we will show you how to proceed with one of the best Twitter tools at the moment (in our opinion), it is typically.

This tool allows you to schedule 1 thread at a time for free.

If you want to schedule several over time, however, you’ll need to opt for a paid plan.

This tool, designed exclusively for Twitter users and influencers, allows any account, willing to invest 10 dollars per month in its use, to create and schedule Twitter threads in minutes (besides offering other great features).

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to and sign up/log in with your Twitter account;
  • Write your Tweets by separating each unique tweet by two empty lines (by pressing “enter” 2 times in a row);
Overview of the Twitter thread creation and editing interface
  • Each tweet that makes up a thread will be framed by horizontal bars (it is possible to rearrange the order of tweets of the thread afterwards by a drag-and-drop system);
  • PS: click the two stars at the bottom right of the interface to activate the preview of the final rendering of your twitter thread ;
  • Add links, gifs, images, videos, emoticons… to your tweets then click on “ schedule » ;
Programming thread options Twitter Typefully
Overview of the Twitter thread scheduling interface
  • Finally, select your desired posting date (or let Typefully select the best posting time for you by clicking “Find best time”).

Some tips on programming threads with Typefully:

  • You can copy-paste a tweet link to create a quote tweet directly into a thread;
  • You can add videos, photos, and gifs directly to the thread editor by dragging and dropping them directly into Typefully’s thread editor;
  • You can preview how your Twitter thread will look by clicking the two star icon (which enables “high fidelity mode”);
  • During planning, you can activate the “auto retweet” feature to self-retweet yourself and thus optimize the visibility of your thread;
  • During planning, you can decide to turn your thread into a mini blog post that will be published on your Typefully profile without separation between different tweets (you must activate the option “unroll and -publish on my profile” for this);
  • During planning, you can automatically schedule the publication of a new tweet in your thread if the latter has become popular to redirect users to a landing page of your choice for example (to do this, you must activate option “auto-plug” then specify from how many retweets or how many likes, you want to plan the publication of this new tweet);
  • As long as the thread is not published, you can edit it as much as you want from the list of scheduled threads;
  • It is possible to cancel the scheduling of a thread by clicking on the scheduled thread and then clicking on the orange button with the scheduled publication time (a pop-up with the link ” unscheduled” will appear and allow you to cancel the scheduling so the thread returns to draft).

Sample Twitter thread (created with this tool)

Here’s an example of a popular Twitter thread created using this tool:

If you take the time to study this Twitter thread, you’ll see that all the tweets in the thread were posted at the same time (and in the same minute).

If it is not possible to know if the account in question has scheduled the publication of its thread, one thing is certain, the latter was created using the Typefully tool.

(The information is available next to the date in the source tweet, in the desktop version of the tweet).

If you found this Twitter tip helpful, feel free to share it with other digital professionals who might be interested.

We will also be happy to answer any questions you may send us in the comments.

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