Digital Trends 2022 – Adobe: Evolution and Requirements of the Digital Experience

Adobe announced the release of its 2022 Digital Trends report to understand how thousands of marketers are responding, adapting and achieving their goals in a rapidly changing environment. According to this new study, changes in online consumer behavior, particularly related to the pandemic, are not only long-term, but will continue and accelerate in 2022. Therefore, companies should launch new projects faster. which puts digital at the center to stay in the race.

Key findings include:

  • In France, 84% of business leaders say that customer expectations are now digitally driven.
  • 88% of business leaders in France believe that consumers will increasingly demand more digital experiences in 2022 and beyond.
  • Three quarters (77%) of French companies report an increase in the use of digital channels by their existing customers.

“The last two years have radically changed the online behavior and expectations of consumers, who have now become digital first »

“It is a digital business’s ability to personalize every experience across all its channels that allows it to build long-term relationships of trust with its customers. Doing this at scale is the strategic imperative for 2022 and beyond. »

Christophe Marée, Marketing Director, Western EMEA at Adobe

Companies must accelerate their digital transformation or risk being left behind

According to the study, the majority (91%) of companies have seen the emergence of new customer journeys in the last 18 months, and it is expected that consumers will definitely use the digital tools that have emerged since the beginning of the pandemic in terms of purchase, such as click and collect services or virtual fitting rooms.

However, the study also reveals a gap between customer expectations and the actual ability of brands to deliver these digital-first experiences. Asked to rate their company’s digital customer experience, only a minority of marketers say it “exceeds customer expectations” (12%), compared to more than a quarter who admit to being behind the competition (27%).

To meet these challenges, 39% of executives say they plan to improve the consistency of their customer experience across channels, with more than half planning to invest more in data management technologies customer (52%) and customer experience management systems (55%).

Winning the trust of its customers: the key to success for 2022

As third-party cookies become increasingly relevant, businesses are looking for new, more effective ways to earn the valuable trust of their digital customers, including the responsible use of first-party data becomes increasingly important in building closer relationships. and durable.

Companies that adopt a strong approach to first-party data are reaping the rewards, with two-thirds (66%) of French marketers believing they are using this data effectively to personalize experiences of the customer.

Achieve new levels of agility

Agility is key to delivering personalized customer experiences at scale, as is the ability to gain a single view of the consumer by combining multiple datasets. The study however shows that many companies recognize that they are still behind on the subject. A large number of marketing managers in France admit that within their company, the level of data sharing between teams is “average” (42%), even “low” or “very low” (21% ). Therefore, it is time for brands to redouble their efforts to gain a single view of the customer and deploy personalized experiences across all channels.

The skills shortage remains

Professionals and leaders know all too well that to personalize experiences at scale, specific skills are essential. The report revealed that in France, eight out of ten leaders (86%) are concerned about whether their teams have the skills to deliver the engaging digital experiences customers expect. To reach and promote the success of their teams, more than half of them (59%) plan to invest this year in recruiting customer experience and digital specialists as well as training.


Based on responses from nearly 10,000 marketers, IT professionals and business leaders around the world, the Digital Trends report focuses on the changing attitudes driving unique digital technologies, highlighting the priorities that must be respected to stay ahead compete and succeed in 2022 and beyond. In France, the survey covered a panel of 562 marketing managers and business leaders, of which 389 of the sample were client-side marketing managers and 173 executives in agencies, consulting firms and technology providers. /marketing services.

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