5 alternatives to Adobe Reader to read your PDFs

Free and easy to use, Adobe Reader software is a staple for many people. It allows you to open and view all types of PDF documents, but also annotate them and add shapes or comments, for example.

Although it is very practical and quite complete, this software is not the only one that offers these features. So if you’re ready to try new alternatives to access more options, don’t hesitate to try these 5 pretty interesting programs.

1. Foxit Reader

A true hybrid between Open Office and Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader allows you to view PDF files, but also create, convert and modify them. It includes, as in a classic word processor, a toolbar – and it offers many possibilities in terms of customization.

Regarding security, you have the “Protect” tab where you can manage the signing of documents, which can be particularly useful for some administrative procedures.
Although it is very versatile, Foxit Reader can be difficult to master at first… Its interface takes some time to fully understand.

Foxit PDF Reader reads and annotates PDFs (including secure documents), supports plug-ins, and facilitates document collaboration and sharing via email and social media.

  • Downloads: 37561
  • Release Date : 28/10/2022
  • Author : Foxit Software Company
  • License : Free License
  • Categories:
    Office automation
  • Operating system: Android – Linux – Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 – iOS iPhone / iPad – macOS


Similar to Adobe Reader, PDF Extra stands out as a PDF viewer, which also allows you to annotate documents (add comments, underline, highlight, draw by hand, etc.).

The free version offers the possibility of filling in forms, and it is compatible with iOS and Android, you can download the application on your smartphone or tablet. In addition, if you bet on a paid version, you have access to a wider range of editing tools; and even in a cloud storage space.

When you purchase PDF Extra, you can easily edit document text, remove or add images, and even convert them to Word files.

PDF Extra is a software that will not only allow you to view PDFs, but also annotate them, delete or add pages, combine several files, change the content, etc.

  • Downloads: 544
  • Release Date : 26/10/2022
  • Author : MobiSystems
  • License : Demonstration
  • Categories:
    Office automation
  • Operating system: Android – Windows – iOS iPhone / iPad

3. PDF Merger and Splitter

The PDF Merger & Splitter program is not appreciated as a PDF viewer, but as an application for combining several PDF files, or on the contrary splitting a PDF into several different files.

For example, if you have scanned several pages that are all independent files, you can mobilize this software to combine them and group them all into the same file. Conversely, you can extract a page from a PDF just to keep it, if you don’t need the others or if you don’t want your interlocutor to consult them.

Completely free, this software remains easy to manage, even though it is in English. You can only download it from the Microsoft Store.

Available for Windows 10, PDF Merger & Splitter is a very simple office utility that allows you to split the pages of a PDF document or, conversely, to combine several PDF files.

  • Downloads: 3606
  • Release Date : 10/16/2019
  • Author : AnywaySoft, Inc.
  • License : Free License
  • Categories:
    Office automation
  • Operating system: Windows 10/11

4. Free PDF Reader

Compatible with Windows computers, Free PDF Reader can also be installed on an Apple or even Linux computer. However, since it is an operating system-independent Java application, Oracle Java must be installed first to use it.

Free PDF Reader’s toolbar, which is particularly well-provided, makes it easy to read and process PDF documents, even if they are quite heavy. This software has the advantage of offering quite interesting printing parameters: specification of paper trays, assembly, paper edges, resizing or even automatic centering of pages.

Not very accessible at first glance, this program may be relevant to use when you have specific needs, and you are not afraid to enter a few command lines when installing the program.

Free PDF Reader is a free, portable, Java-based application for viewing PDFs. It lets you view and print formatted text, shapes, images, and form fields in PDF documents.

  • Downloads: 22238
  • Release Date : 08/06/2020
  • Author : Gnostic Information Technologies
  • License : Free License
  • Categories:
    Office automation
  • Operating system: Linux – Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 – macOS

5. PDF-XChange Viewer

Very complete, the PDF-XChange Viewer software allows not only to consult PDFs, but also to annotate them, mark them, comment on them or even measure them. Without leaving the interface, you can send documents directly by e-mail, if you already have a compatible e-mail management program installed on your computer. At the same time, there is a search box at the top of the screen, and it allows you to quickly query the Internet (Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo!, etc.) for the smallest question.

Thanks to its very complete toolbar and its very intuitive interface, PDF-XChange Viewer is positioned as a serious competitor against Adobe Reader, which is just as powerful.

PDF-XChange Viewer offers many useful features in addition to advanced features so you can easily view and annotate PDFs.

  • Downloads: 1072
  • Release Date : 01/26/2018
  • Author : Tracker Software Products
  • License : Free License
  • Categories:
    Office automation
  • Operating system: Windows Portable – XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 – Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

Generally, one software is sufficient to read and edit PDFs on a computer. However, if you often consult them, take the time to try these different solutions, because some may be more useful and pleasant to use than the market leader.

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