the meeting should not be overlooked in the future of customer experience management

On November 9, Adobe’s annual conference dedicated to digital decision makers is back. Experience Makers will take place this time at the 3 Mazarium space, located at 3 rue Mazarine, in the 6ᵉ arrondissement of Paris. From 1 pm to 7 pm, 300 Adobe customers and prospects are expected to discuss the future of customer experience management. This half day will be filled with testimonials from major companies and discussion moments with marketing, digital and e-commerce players.


Find inspiration to create personalized experiences

Today, the product alone is no longer enough to sell and stand out from the competition. Consumers now expect to be offered memorable, unique and engaging experiences. They should provide a sense of satisfaction and be in tune with customers’ journeys and lives. Through these experiences trust is built.

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To meet these new demands, brands must rely on several levers, including personalization. For consumers, a company that personalizes its actions and offers makes them feel understood and valued. The challenge is to create relevant and useful experiences.

During Experience Makers Paris, you will have the opportunity to discover advice from experts in the field to give a new dimension to your customer experience. You will be able to discuss this topic with other players in the sector and be inspired by their journey to achieve one goal: to create exclusive and engaging experiences at scale to gain the trust of your customers and retain them.


Discuss the future of customer experience management

The customer experience is changing rapidly. In fact, a consumer’s preferences can change, and their interactions with a brand can completely change their perception of it. For this reason, the experience offered must be properly managed to understand and improve the customers’ experience. A Customer Experience Management (CXM) strategy is therefore essential.

During Adobe’s Experience Makers Paris, you’ll discover feedback from major brands on this theme. You can rely on their testimonials to identify key trends in digital experience and customer experience management.

La Maison du Chocolat is among the list of companies that will participate in the event. Fabien Roux, Chief Financial Officer and Jennifer Bredon, the company’s E-commerce and Customers Director, will explain how the brand is enhancing its omnichannel customer journey to offer a seamless and personalized experience online and in store .

On the other hand, Moët Hennessy, which forms the “Wines & Spirits” branch of the LVMH Group, will share how to maintain its high-end positioning and create emotion by offering an immersive online 3D shopping experience with its personalized offers. . You’ll learn about this new experience and the media supply chain to make it happen.

You can also feed your thoughts thanks to interviews with two managers: Karine Bourguignon, Deputy General Manager Client at Crédit Agricole and Maud Funaro, General Manager of Transformation and member of the Executive Committee at Printemps. They will share their vision for 2025/2030 on the future of the digital economy, the changes that still need to be made, their challenges for a more responsible customer experience and the resulting technological, organizational and change management impacts.

In addition to the various conferences that will punctuate this half day, you can take advantage of the event to develop your network. You will have the opportunity to exchange with decision makers who share the same goal as you, to meet the needs of their customers with insights and content.

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