Top 6 best freelance platforms in 2022

Freelance platforms are increasingly in demand by companies and individuals looking for freelancers capable of performing short or medium assignments: dropshipping, creating e-commerce sites, creating SEO content, etc. But these platforms are numerous on the web, so choosing which one to use is not always an easy decision to make. We offer to help you by presenting our top 6 of the best freelance platforms of 2022.

1. Fiverr, the benchmark for freelance platforms

Are you looking to sell your services as a freelancer to a large international client? Or do you want to recruit the most competent freelancers in various fields? Then you should strongly consider signing up for Fiverr.

This platform brings together freelancers, located in the 4 corners of the world, and specializes in more than 500 digital expertise and offers their services from $5. So this is the perfect place to recruit:

  • graphic designers
  • video editors
  • web editors
  • web developers
  • designers
  • SEO experts
  • etc

Fiverr is widely recognized for its responsiveness. A client who presents his project there has a good chance of seeing it start in less than 48 hours. This is made possible thanks to search features that greatly speed up the search for the freelancer best suited to the type of project to be carried out.

Communication on Fiverr is done in complete transparency to promote competition between service providers. Payment processes are secure to limit the risk of disputes as much as possible.

2. 5euros, the equivalent of Fiverr in the French version

In other words, 5euros embraces Fiverr’s characteristics and operating principles. On the other hand, it is mainly aimed at a French-speaking public.

Again we are dealing with a general freelance platform. This means that you can find freelance professionals specializing in different fields, even if the categories offered are relatively insignificant, compared to Fiverr.

However, at 5euros you will find all the services that are often sought after, such as photo editing, video editing, web development, digital marketing, graphic design, web development, etc.

5euros offers a secure payment system, providing reassurance to platform users. When a client assigns a mission to a freelancer, he pays the agreed amount directly in addition to the fees deducted by 5 euros.

But this amount will be blocked by the platform, and returned to the service provider only when he has delivered his work, and the client has fully validated it. And if the client does not show up after the delivery of the work, then the freelancer is guaranteed to receive his payment.

It is thanks to this type of operating mode that 5euros finds itself in a good place in the rankings of the best freelance platforms in 2022, as in for example.

3. Upwork, the international freelance platform par excellence

Upwork is a very popular American freelance platform that currently has millions of customers worldwide. This platform is very comprehensive, and is ideal for working with freelancers by project or hourly.

If you are a buyer, you can find a freelance profile that perfectly suits your needs without much difficulty. In fact, Upwork classifies its freelancers by field of activity, but also by skill level, which ranges from beginner to expert.

Although Upwork is an English-speaking freelance platform, its popularity means you should have no problem finding a French-speaking service provider. However, if you are able to communicate in English, you will have a wider choice of providers.

leading freelance platform

4., the platform dedicated to web businesses

If you are looking for freelancers who specialize in web trades, is the platform where you should register. You can find independent professionals to whom you can entrust the development of software, the creation of your website, the design of your logos, the management of your social networks, etc.

The platform currently has more than 240,000 registered freelancers with various fields of expertise. You can sort freelancers by activity sector and by city. also allows you to place an ad for free. Freelancers will approach you and offer their services and quotes.

All you have to do is sort them, based on your choice of their ratings and recommendations. You can contact service providers of interest to you through messaging.

5. Malt, another French platform to consider

Malt is on the list of the best French-speaking freelance platforms. You’ll have access to more than 170,000 freelancers who specialize in:

  • taking pictures
  • writing on the web
  • graphics
  • SEO Consulting
  • art direction and more.

Malt pages are specially designed to best display the profile of each service provider. In fact, freelancers present their portfolio and their prices. You should also be able to quickly assess their quality and skills, making the process of choosing your freelance professional much easier.

leading freelance platform

6. 99designs, for freelancers specializing in design and graphics

Visit 99designs if you need freelancers with graphic design and design skills. You will find talented freelancers capable of optimizing your website design, designing a new logo, etc.

With 99designs, you must start by creating an account on the platform. Once done, you can create a brief description of the nature of your business and detailed explanations of your project or your needs. Finally, you’ll need to choose a design pack that suits your taste and budget.

Once your brief is complete, it’s up to the freelancers to respond to it with proposals that include quotes. You will then have 7 days to select the freelancer you believe is most capable of carrying out your project. The chosen professional will benefit from full payment, and you will have the right to exploit his work.

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