Porsche showed good health after the IPO

For its first financial results since its IPO a month ago, Porsche is doing very well. Operating income grew 40% in the first nine months of 2022. With a margin approaching 19% (it was 15.5% in the nine months of 2021). Sales of the popular sports car maker rose 2% to 221,500 units. But sales jumped 15.7% thanks to a significant increase in the average selling price of the models. “In a difficult and volatile environment, we demonstrate our ability to operate profitably thanks to particular cost discipline and a favorable average selling price,” said Lutz Meschke, chief financial officer of the Stuttgart manufacturer, in friday

Worth 86 billion euros according to CNBC, Porsche has the luxury of being the first European car market capitalization. And this, while only 25% of its capital was placed on the stock market a month ago… without voting rights! Mercedes-Benz, now separated from its truck branch, is worth only 63 billion, BMW 51.5. Porsche is therefore worth more than the Volkswagen group, which controls it and the capitalization does not exceed 75 billion. We are certainly a long way from Tesla’s 700 billion worth or Toyota’s 225 billion. But Porsche is nevertheless the third largest auto capitalization in the world. Porsche is worth 2.5 times more than Ferrari, another global car nugget listed on the stock exchange in two stages between the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016

From 60,946 to 247,900 euros

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