January 2022 weather: dry and sunny weather

According to seasonal trends released by MeteoNews, January 2022 is dominated by anticyclonic conditions that maintain dry and often sunny weather for most of the month. Frédéric Decker, meteorologist at MeteoNews, has drawn up a climatological assessment of the month in France.

Weather thermometer

No severe cold this month though fairly frequent frosts thanks to the clear nights, compensated by relatively mild days. The very beginning of the month and the last few days experienced some noticeable mildness, especially on New Year’s Day, unlike some cold days around the 10th and then the 25th.

National average temperature in January in France. (© WeatherNews)

The national average temperature was 5.2 degrees, or 0.4 degrees below the 1991-2020 normal (+ 0.1 compared to the 1981-2010 normal), a figure within norms. For the record, the coldest January was 1963 with an average of – 1.3 degrees (- 6.9 degrees compared to the 91-2020 normal!) and the coldest date since 2018 with a national average of 8.2 degrees (+ 2.6 degrees).

It was in Socoa that the national maximum was reached with 24.5 degrees on the 1st. With a second network of weather stations, it climbed to 26.4 degrees that same day at Trois-Villes, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques! As for the national absolute minimum at low altitude, it was reached in Guéret on the 16th with -9.3 degrees.

a little water

The rain is relatively rare and light throughout this month of January, focusing especially between the 1st and 9th, a period and disturbed and rainy, before experiencing a very clear stop under a long-term anticyclonic thrust.

A rainfall deficit of 43%

France received only 39 mm of rain in a monthly national average for the normal 68 mm. The deficit therefore reached 43%. You have to go back to January 2017 to find an equivalent. Although relatively low, this number is far from exceptional: the months of January 2002, 2000, 1992, 1989, 1976, 1964, 1957, 1953, 1950 and 1949 were drier than this year, since 1946 , with a record established in 19 and its 18 mm of rain in the country alone.

Montpellier enjoyed a paltry 0.2 mm of rain during the month. Saint-Girons holds the record for the wettest city, however, with 136 mm. With secondary stations, the maximum goes to Iraty Orgambide, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques with 241 mm, while not a single drop fell in Puget-Théniers and Tende in the Alpes-Maritimes.

Snow is the big disadvantage of this first month of the year 2022, falling only on the northeastern plains.

Beautiful sunshine

The high pressure brought the weather is often sunny apart from some regions that should mainly withstand the stubborn gray, the same high pressures blocking moisture near the ground, mainly north of the Loire.

104 hours of monthly average sunshine is a high number, remarkable without being exceptional. The surplus reached 24%. The record remains 114 hours in the months of January 1949 and 1959. Several other months of January exceeded 2022: 2002, 1999, 1998, 1989, 1981, 1957 (since 1946), i.e. 9 in total . The return period of such a high month of January is therefore 8-9 years.

In Quimper the sun’s star is the most economical of its rays with only 42 hours of presence on the moon (normal 66 hours), and in Saint-Auban (Alpes de Haute-Provence) it is the most generous. with 236 hours (normal 170 hours), more than the average month of April and a record that beat the 219 hours of January 2005. Many records fell in the southern half as in Luc (216 h against 189 h in 2019), 213 h in Nice (200 h in 2005), 208 h in Montpellier (202 h in 2012), 208 h in Perpignan (197 h in 2007) etc…

Therefore, January 2022 will be seasonal on the thermometer side, dry and very sunny. A month that is not really cold despite frequent frosts. The absence of snow in this winter month marks the spirits. A loss that is likely to continue for the next few weeks…

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According to a press release from MeteoNews. Meteorologist: Frédéric Decker

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