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Can you tell us about your background?

After a vocational baccalaureate, I started by studying computer science on a work-study basis, before finally changing paths to move towards commerce and digital marketing. Within the company where I was in a work-study program I learned most of my webmarketing skills on my own: SEO, Google Ads, online advertising, inbound marketing, etc. Then I improved my skills in this field and had the opportunity to meet inspiring people.

What are your activities as a freelancer and why did you choose this?

I offer SEO and online advertising services: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, inbound marketing, etc. I first developed my freelance activity when I was still working, at night and on weekends. It was thanks to the Fiverr freelancing platform that I got my first assignments. I gradually developed this activity, which allowed me to learn more about various topics while earning additional income.

What kind of customers does the Fiverr platform allow you to address?

Thanks to Fiverr, I can reach all kinds of customers. I primarily work with freelancers or small business owners to help them build their online presence. The platform makes it possible to offer services in the form of very clear and well-defined packages, with clearly displayed prices. It is with this type of client that I like to work because we maintain a true “partner” relationship.

What advantages does Fiverr offer to improve your services?

On Fiverr, there are a large number of categories of services: graphics, translation, video, audio, development or even marketing. SEO is one of the very important categories for Fiverr, and it has some particularities. Since we cannot guarantee the results, the platform indicates a special mention in this sense to all services related to natural detection. This avoids abuse and provides reassurance for our freelancers, who want to work honestly with our clients.

For me, Fiverr’s strong point lies in its popularity and its traffic. It offers significant visibility to freelancers, and therefore a steady flow of clients. With Fiverr, I also have access to a very comprehensive Analytics tool. It is remarkably possible to find out how many times my services appeared on the site, how many people read such and such a service, what is my conversion rate… My results are really promising, I am very satisfied with them.

You are a Fiverr Pro member. Can you tell us about this specificity and what it does for you?

I discovered Fiverr Pro during a work meeting between French-speaking freelancers organized by the platform. This is an additional service, which allows you to be part of a community of elite professional freelancers, with services starting at 100 euros. Standard baskets are higher. This makes it possible to offer wider and better quality offers.

Become a Fiverr Pro

How did you get this Fiverr Pro status?

I filled out an application to become a Fiverr Pro, in which I filled in several elements: my references, my project examples, my studies, my certifications, my profiles on social networks , my website, my presentation, etc. Profiles will then be reviewed and you will receive confirmation that you have reached Fiverr Pro status.

I advise you to take the time to compile an application file that is as complete as possible. You can also send a small presentation video (in English). This is optional but I highly recommend those who want to apply to do it because it brings a real plus to your file.

Do you have examples of projects carried out as a freelancer thanks to Fiverr?

Thanks to Fiverr, I have helped large international companies with their SEO netlinking. Many companies use Fiverr to find providers based on their industry. I had the opportunity to work with globally recognized entities looking to expand in France: Samsung, Adobe, the European Commission…

As a Fiverr Pro member, I also accompany a photographer, who needs to optimize his site for SEO. It is a global service: SEO audit, keyword research, site optimization, netlinking and monitoring. The mission is underway, and everything is going well!

What advice would you give to a freelancer who wants to get started on Fiverr?

I completely understand freelancers who may ask themselves questions before starting, I went through this stage myself. But Fiverr’s algorithm is really very well designed because, without taking any advertising action or specific recommendations, I received orders for the services I offered on the platform.

My advice: don’t hesitate to create a profile and offer 2 or 3 services. Contrary to what one might think, being a beginner will not hold you back. Also be patient: by building your profile little by little, you will find that Fiverr can quickly become a regular source of income for a freelancer.

Create your freelance profile on Fiverr

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