How to successfully work with freelancers in communication?

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The professional world is constantly changing, just look at the changes caused by the Covid-19 epidemic in telework. Many trends are emerging and trying to make the most of the game. Among them, cooperation with freelancers has exploded in recent years, both on the supply side and the demand side.

The era of the freelancer and the development of the freedom of the French market is contrary to the traditional wage worker, and in particular, in the field of communication and marketing, this alternative is a competitor or complement to the agency model. In fact, companies are hiring more freelancers for one-off or recurring needs and/or highly specialized and specific expertise, creating opportunities for the self-employed. Between young talents who want to keep their newfound freedom and seniors who have found a way to better manage their private/professional life balance and capitalize on their acquired experience, there is no shortage of freelancers, regardless of field.

Why work with a freelancer instead of an agency?

In fact, choosing a freelancer can involve a lot of conflict. You need to have time to find the right freelancer, manage your collaboration project, find agreement on price, deadlines, etc.

This is why many solutions are emerging. Platforms like Fiverr offer professionals to facilitate their relationship and find the freelancer that can best meet the needs of a business.

A real time saver in recruitment, which facilitates international development, allows entrepreneurs to use cutting-edge and recognized expertise and work in project mode with several freelancers at the same time. Between security and liquidity, working with freelancers is greatly simplified.

The advantages of a freelancer in an agency are many. First, the services of a freelancer are usually cheaper than an agency for obvious reasons: he does not bear the same costs, and does not pay the same taxes. Naturally, using a freelancer can provide flexibility. In fact, a freelancer usually has fewer projects than an agency, his autonomy gives him more freedom, he requires less formalities and commitments, and is open to all projects (small or large to other experts, short or long). In addition, exchanges with a freelancer are greatly simplified because he is the only one to talk to, making it easier to create a relationship of trust than with any agency. Finally, the freelancers present on Fiverr are sharp experts, qualified in their field.

How does Fiverr Business optimize collaboration with freelancers?

Regardless of the field you are looking for, your expectations or even your budget, Fiverr always has the right person for you. Its community of freelancers includes designers, copywriters, voice-over artists, site and app developers, marketers, SEO specialists, musicians, video editors, interior designers… in France but abroad.

To further simplify relationships between advertisers and independents. Fiverr launched Fiverr Business a new collaborative platform designed for teams and departments within companies work abroad together with projectsintegration of both internal and external.

The advantages of this platform are many. First, it provides access to a catalog of verified and trusted talent that managers can use according to business needs. Then, there is no need to spend hours searching for the rare pearl, a team of Fiverr Business Success Managers is there to help companies find the best talent to suit their needs. Finally, Fiverr Business integrates project management tools “far away”including monitoring and controlling budgets and working groups, to create new projects, and coordinate the team on common goals and work.

Finally, what is the recipe for a successful collaboration with communication freelancers? First, you need to find the freelancer who will match your request, and who is willing to provide their expertise in the service of your brand. The most effective way for your investigation is to search through a catalog of certified talents thanks to ratings and reviews on a safe and innovative platform like Fiverr. Then, it’s a matter of simplifying the relationship and distance exchange with your expert a little more to avoid possible conflict. To do this, nothing beats a remote collaboration tool like Fiverr Business to mix internal and external.

Enough to make your next project a success!

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