Asus announces motherboards with Intel’s Z790 chipset

Once Intel launched its processors Intel Core 13th generationAsus showed after NZXT, its motherboards are equipped with the chipset Z790. In the program, ROG Maximus, ROG Strix, TUF Gaming and Prime series. All these cards are designed to support Intel Core 13 processorsth generation and comes with cool features, such as AEMP II, AI Overclocking and AI Cooling II, let’s take a look at the features of these cards.

Asus Enhanced Memory Profile II: For the fastest RAM

Z690 motherboards like the Asus ROG Strix Z690-E Gaming Wi-Fi have brought support for DDR5, which has just hit the market. It’s inevitable, everyone wants to switch to DDR5 and in the models from Asus, it works well. However, here the new cards bring new possibilities to optimize the RAM more reliably.

Z790 cards from Asus allow you to take advantage of AEMP II profiles, which allow you to take advantage of RAM up to 37.5% faster, according to the manufacturer, than basic RAM in DDR5 in 4800 MHz. This in itself is an overclocking setting that allows the RAM to be clocked at a higher speed than originally intended, to gain performance.

So, a RAM overclocking, it is done by hand will tell the most intelligent of you. Except that with AEMP II, Asus announced a one-click performance optimization, automatically choosing the most suitable settings for perfect speed.

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Asus AI Overclocking: For a faster processor

Asus AI Overclocking helps optimize its processor speed, overclock it safely and reliably, and bring out more performance. With one click, you can increase the frequency of the processor, without much risk. The only risk here is not having a proper cooler or watercooling, but for that, you are in charge.

But don’t worry because AI Overclocking also monitors the cooling of the processor and it won’t overheat, that’s exactly the point of this integrated solution by Asus.

AI Cooling II and FanXpert: For better cooling

In the Armory Crate, it is possible to activate Asus AI Cooling II through FanXpert, to allow the software to automatically learn over time and collect data through stress tests. AI Cooling monitors the processor and uses data from the first test performed, to provide the most efficient cooling possible.

The cooling automatically adapts accordingly to what you’re doing with your computer and on top of that Asus has updated FanXpert with more fan calibration and control options. Users can control the inlet temperature and fan response accordingly.

Asus Q Design: For easier PC assembly

Mounting your PC is not very complicated, but according to users, some may have some difficulties, especially if they are not good with the equipment. Asus has now included the Q-Release button of the PCIe Slot, which allows you to release the graphics card from its PCIe slot easily, with a simple touch of your finger.

Asus offers this feature on high-end Z690 cards, this option is available even on TUF Gaming and Prime Z790-A, which are more mainstream and more accessible.

Along the same lines, the RAM slots require locking on both sides. Which for the most compact cards, the bottom latch may not facilitate access. So Asus developed the Q-DIMM lock, which allows only one side to be raised by a latch placed on the most accessible side, depending on the motherboard. Usually it is at the top.

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Finally, M.2 SSDs are easier to install, with the Q-Latch M.2 from Asus, you don’t need the small M.2 screws that are lost in the case and sometimes you can’t find them. Today, M.2 Q-Latch is offered on all cards, the ROG Maximus and Strix, as well as the TUF Gaming Z790 and Prime Z790-A WiFi.

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